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AASAR ink deal with Seek and Strike, release new music video


Extreme metal band AASAR has caught the attention of Seek and Strike as the band has inked a worldwide deal and is now releasing their track, "Court of The Unknown." A music video accompanies the track, providing an insight into AASAR's visual and aural aesthetic. Their debut EP, From Nothing To Nowhere, is scheduled for release on June 30.

AASAR states:

"Our new EP, From Nothing To Nowhere, is about the enigmatic journey of the human being toward the final judgment, whilst 'Court of The Unknown' is all about that specific moment that will either end in absolution or damnation. When we shot the video for 'From Nothing To Nowhere, we already knew it was going to have a sequel and given the correlation between the lyrics, we thought 'Court of The Unknown' was the perfect song."
"We were beyond excited to sign to Seek and Strike, who has a dynamic roster where we immediately felt right at home. We got to know how they work and we knew it was the next step for us to take. 

From Nothing To Nowhere gravitates around themes such as spirituality, symbolism, pagan mythology and nature hidden behind apocalyptic and sci-fi metaphors. The lyrics form a narrative cycle that, spacing on these themes, puts the human being as the main character. He has to go through the act of being before, during and after life; re-live his internal pain and personal mistakes, which will drag him into eternal damnation. Some of our concepts and symbolisms come from the Egyptian and Norse mythology, because of their bond with spirituality and the cosmos."

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anonymous 11 days ago

How much do these "bands" pay this sub-par The National Enquirer-esque used maxi-pad for an article?

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definitely been noticing an increase of paid articles and clickbait

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I demand more songs about COVID!!!

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Next week: AASIHGVTSUIJKAVVH ink deal with Spread Cheeks Music, release new music video ($100 per article)

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Catch the attention of deez nuts.

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