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Polaris debut first single from upcoming third album


Third Eye Visuals

Australian metalcore band Polaris has released the first single, titled "INHUMANE," from their upcoming third album, FATALISM set to drop on September 1 via Resist/Sharptone.

The music video for Inhumane, directed by Ed Reiss and produced by Elder/Haus Party, features a range of scenes including a murder scene, a cult scene, a cannibal scene, and a brainwash scene. The track itself was produced and engineered by Lance Prenc and Scott Simpson


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anonymous 14 days ago

The game hasn't been the same since Oceano dropped 'Depths' in 2009 🔥

anonymous 14 days ago

I'm going to creampie your girlfriend and/or wife.

anonymous 14 days ago


anonymous 14 days ago

The Pete & Pete Polaris is way f*cking better. Hang it up, idiots

anonymous 14 days ago


anonymous 14 days ago

My Polaris pool cleaner sounds better than this dreck

NorthFromHere 14 days ago

This band sucks.

anonymous 14 days ago

Polaris ATVs >>> this horseshit.

anonymous 14 days ago

Sounds great, looks like the clean vocalist lost a bunch of weight, good for him.

anonymous 13 days ago

The only Polaris that matters is pete and pete version. Bigger than mastadon

anonymous 13 days ago

ai ai ai ai hey sandy

anonymous 13 days ago

Just hear to join the chorus of voices praising the OG Polaris from Pete & Pete. "Hey Sandy, does your dog bite?"

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