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Mental Cruelty premiere new single ahead of full-length record

Mental Cruelty

Mental Cruelty, the German deathcore outfit, is set to release its latest full-length album, Zwielicht, via Century Media Records on June 23. The album's second single, "Nordlys," tells the story of the Nordic afterlife. The music video, produced by Aurora Motion Pictures, is available below. 

The band comments on the new single:

"Mental Cruelty comments on the new single: "The song "Nordlys" is about ancient sagas of the northern lights, interpreted differently by Vikings and Norwegian tribes. These tales interpreted the lights in the sky in different ways.
We should approach new situations positively, remembering fear often lies in our heads. Musically, it's not a typical Mental Cruelty song, with an acoustic guitar intro and orchestration setting the mood. The song ends with a guitar riff that will make you want to headbang."

They add on the album release:

"Let us embrace a new era of darkness by bringing the "black" into blackened heavy music. Join us on the way down to infernal gates of hell to be rebirthed back to life. The album will contain the most mind-bending variety of different heavy musical influences and sounds. Epic symphonic orchestras accompanied by slam breakdowns; this will have it all. Inspired from metaphors written by nature, death, and inner demons.  
We can´t put into words the level of excitement we feel by announcing this album to you. We hope you feel the same way! Thank you for being with us and stay tuned for upcoming news!"


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anonymous 14 days ago


anonymous 14 days ago

Cruel intentions pool scene>

anonymous 14 days ago

The game hasn't been the same since Oceano dropped 'Depths' in 2009 🔥

anonymous 14 days ago

get an oxygen tank>

anonymous 14 days ago

read to fast thought it was Motley Crue got stoked for new single and full-length left disappointed.

anonymous 14 days ago

Mental Cruelty ain't bad

anonymous 14 days ago

Bring back the roided up singer.

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