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Mugshot sign to Pure Noise Records, release music video

mugshot 2023

Official press release:

Californian metalcore band, Mugshot have announced they have signed to Pure Noise Records. To celebrate the band have released new single 'Left In The Wake' alongside a new video.

Speaking about signing to Pure Noise Records the band said:

We are extremely excited to be signing with Pure Noise Records. They have released some of our favourite records of all time and to be working with their incredible team is an honour. We can't wait to see what we can accomplish together.

Speaking on the new single the band shared:

Our new song "Left In The Wake" deals with the fear of your life having no purpose or worth. The lyrics dive into a story of being faced with death alongside the realisation that nothing you've done has left an impact on anyone or anything, and because your life has not left a mark neither will your death. As humans, every one struggles with wanting to be remembered for something of great significance: to leave a legacy behind — but we are confronted daily by our actions, anxieties, and fears along the journey toward that desired legacy. That's what 'Left in the Wake' embodies.


The band are finishing up their tour with MyChildren MyBride and No Cure on 25th of May 2023 - 5th of June 2023 in the US.

05/19 Evansville, IN @ Damsel's Brew Pub
05/20 Mansfield, OH @ The Electric Company
05/21 Rock Island, IL @ Skylark QC
05/22 Lincoln, NE @ 1867
05/23 Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep #
05/25 Sacramento, CA @ Goldfields #
05/26 Cupertino, CA @ X-Bar #
05/27 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction #
05/28 San Diego, CA @ Brick by Brick #
05/30 Yuma, AZ @ Redmoon Alehouse #
05/31 Phoenix, AZ @ Blooze Bar #
06/01 Albuquerque, NM @ Eclipse #
06/02 Lubbock, TX @ Jake's #
06/03 Austin, TX @ The Ballroom #
06/04 Houston, TX @ Scout Bar #
06/05 Corpus Christi, TX @ RIch's

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anonymous 4 days ago

GOO shot

anonymous 4 days ago

The game hasn't been the same since Oceano dropped 'Depths' in 2009 🔥

anonymous 4 days ago

These guys have never been to jail.

anonymous 4 days ago


anonymous 4 days ago

Band rules Eat rocks nerds

anonymous 4 days ago

Music made by and for people who have never had a mugshot

anonymous 4 days ago

I've never seen band's explanation of the lyrics ever be cool. I guess your fanbase has a sub-80 IQ then you have to "break down" the meaning, heh heh see what I did there? Also band sucks.

anonymous 4 days ago

Fat fvcks

anonymous 4 days ago

So so so bad

anonymous 4 days ago

Band from California...writes press releases like they're from England.

anonymous 4 days ago

The guy sitting down looks like he just came out of shop class at the union apprentice training center - nice glasses 🤣 None of these guys have a mugshot & LOL @ them taking a pic within scaffolding.

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