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Slaughter To Prevail vocalist Alex Terrible seeks tattoo artist for torso and sleeve blackout

The russian deathcore vocalist is looking for a tattoo artist who can provide anesthesia

Alex Terrible

Russian deathcore band Slaughter To Prevail's frontman, Alex Terrible, is on the hunt for a skilled tattoo artist who can black out his torso and sleeves. The singer, who got his first tattoo at the tender age of 14, has grown tired of his old ink and is now seeking a fast and efficient artist who can get rid of them for him. 

In a recent social media post, Terrible shared his specific requirements for the tattoo artist, stating that he prefers anesthesia injections over cream to minimize the pain of the procedure. The vocalist made that clear by saying "I fucking hate pain," which is understandable, and a bit of a surprising statement from a person that underwent aesthetic facial scarification.

Terrible has shared photos of his current tattoos with potential artists and is open to digital examples of what the final product will look like. He has also expressed interest in exploring other design options besides a complete blackout.

Those interested in working with Terrible on this project are encouraged to DM him with their portfolio and details on their experience with the requested style. 

"Hey guys im looking for TATTO ARTIST who can black out my torso and sleeves. Yeah yeah… I did my first tattoo when I was 14 so I kinda tired of old tattoos. Im looking for someone who can do it fast and one more thing. I need anesthesia, not cream ! Injections !!! I fucking hate pain and trust me I got it a lot when I was getting all this shit and remove tatts on chest. So basically I want to send you pictures like this and you will do digitals examples, maybe it's not gonna be just black out, maybe you can do something else but anyway.. please DM me so I can see your portfolio and we can speak. Thank youuuuu 😄❤️☺️
P.s. please don't tag tattoo artist who don't do this "black work, black out" style. Thank you"

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