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Decayer unleash new video ahead of album release


Official press release: 

Decayer are back with the vicious Sonoran Death EP, which features five tracks of sheer intensity. The band's newest line-up is deadlier than ever, which ultimately resulted in them crafting the most explosive music of their career. This new EP is a dynamic assault of unabashed aggression that will have any death-core fan clamoring for more. Sonoran Death hits all digital service platforms at midnight EST!

Sean (vocals) states:

"Sonoran Death is Decayer at its very finest. Bringing Adam and Hunter into the fold and creating the 5-piece sound that we have today is incomparable to any previous release. Expect punchier and beefier breakdowns, stronger song structures, guttural vocal hell and the all around DECAYER sound you all love, but on a completely new level. 

"We appreciate all of our fans and supporters who have rode this train with us since the beginning and it only gets crazier from here!"

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