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Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, after fundraising for his brother, is close to reaching his goal

Gary Holt

Gary Holt, the thrash guitarist for Exodus and former member of Slayer has been reaching out this week for help through GoFundMe, and after a few days has almost reached the fundraising goal of $60,000. At the time of reporting, the effort is about $5,000 away, and hopefully by the time you are reading this, has surpassed it.

Charles Holt, Gary's brother, who was on a solo vacation in Rome, suffered a broken femur after being struck by a taxi from behind. The driver of the taxi dropped him off at the hospital and the family is unsure whether they will be able to find out who was responsible for the accident. 

Due to the high costs of medical care in Rome and the fact that Charles has not yet had surgery, the family is facing financial strain as they work to get Charles back home. Gary, who is not as wealthy as some may believe, is doing everything he can to support his brother and family during this trying time.

Holt states:

"Hey everyone, my name is Gary Holt, thrash guitarist for Exodus and formerly for Slayer. My brother on May 6 while on the first day of a solo vacation in Rome, was struck from behind by a taxi, resulting in a broken femur that is in need of surgery. The taxi driver actually put him in the taxi and dropped him off at the hosipital. We aren't even sure if we will find out the who and what of all this. He spent three days on a gurney in a hallway awaiting even a real bed, alone. Unable to truly communicate with the staff. My wife has flown out there to be with him, she is having the same issues navigating and communicating, but at least my brother is not alone. I fly out as well on Friday to be there for my brother and to help my wife Lisa who is very nervous being alone hersefl there. The costs have been enormous to the family and to Charles and he hasn't had the surgery yet, and he cannot fly home until he does. We hope sooner rather than later. I am not wealthy, unlike what the internet says, far from it, I have no more income that any blue collar worker. My brother will not be able to work for months, he has had a rough life but turned it around years ago, saves all him money working at a coffee shop and recycling, to go on these trips, to live again. This nightmare get's worse ,whenever there's a glimmer of good news, another road block. Please get him home and help him get well."


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anonymous 5/13/2023 3:26:18 AM

Ask Kerry Condo

anonymous 5/13/2023 4:00:30 AM

tassista qui. quest'uomo, era dove non avrebbe dovuto essere. litigare per strada con una prostituta. ho provato tutto il possibile per evitarlo, ma i suoi movimenti erano così irregolari. dopo l'incidente, è vero, l'ho accompagnato in ospedale. il mio inglese non è così buono, ma da quello che ho potuto capire ha detto che voleva solo droghe e di tornare al suo hotel. non posso farlo. anche io darei a questo gofundme, se il webmaster idiota pubblicasse il link.

anonymous 5/13/2023 4:45:04 AM

What kind of retard wrote that headline?

anonymous 5/13/2023 5:16:08 AM

Never leave the United States.

anonymous 5/13/2023 8:55:07 AM

No travel insurance?

anonymous 5/13/2023 9:17:29 AM

So they're not as well off as some may believe but are on a solo vacation in Rome. hmmmm

anonymous 5/13/2023 9:26:04 AM

"So they're not as well off as some may believe but are on a solo vacation in Rome. hmmmm" You can travel internationally on a budget. I get that you probably think IHOP is exotic and have never left Shitstain, OH but people do it ALL THE TIME.

anonymous 5/13/2023 9:26:36 AM

What kind of retard wrote that headline? Who thing seems like Corky Thatcher wrote it.

anonymous 5/13/2023 10:51:52 AM

^ Amazing

anonymous 5/13/2023 11:08:15 AM


anonymous 5/13/2023 1:13:28 PM

Mostly old plaster walls in an ancient city like Rome. Sending a sheetrock master like Gary Holt won't do those people much good.

anonymous 5/13/2023 2:11:45 PM

Does webby pay the stroke victim that writes his copy jesus f*cking christ

anonymous 5/13/2023 2:40:57 PM

ESL headline writers.

anonymous 5/13/2023 2:42:07 PM

Kerry King made a negative donation. LOL

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anonymous 5/13/2023 11:59:06 PM

Kaiser has international coverage for emergency procedures you fckng idiot

anonymous 5/14/2023 12:57:30 AM

Stay home

anonymous 5/14/2023 12:46:17 PM

That's the most retarded headline I ever read.

anonymous 5/15/2023 5:19:59 AM

Do I need to read the headline backwards to know what the f*ck youre trying to tell us

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