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Koningsor blend mathcore intensity with emotional depth on new EP 'Death Process'


Texas-based mathcore band Koningsor is set to release their newest EP titled "Death Process".

The EP was recorded during a difficult time for band members Josh, Paul, and Andy, who all lost a parent while in the studio. The album's theme and lyrics reflect the complex emotions experienced after such losses. Koningsor's music blends mathcore with metallic grooves for a unique sound. "Death Process" is a fitting title for this EP, which took shape amidst personal struggles and heartbreak.

The track below, "End of an Error" tears through its lean two-minute runtime like an Olympic sprinter. Guitars are violent and coarse, yet composed and precise. The rhythm section is like the mechanical rabbit at a dog race coaxing top speeds out of the riffs and melodies, but command supreme power itself - drums stampede through your skull while the bass rattles your spinal column. The vocals top it all off with a searing quality to them, well-enunciated while still matching the chaos of the instrumentation. This is rough, tough mathcore brought up a notch.

Drummer Andy Sadler states:

"Josh, Paul, and I all had parents pass away during the recording process. Josh lost his mother, Paul and I both lost our fathers. The album title and all the lyrics are about the struggle that came from the pain and the mix of emotions brought about by their losses."

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