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Boris and Sacred Bones to release collaborative album, share new single

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Ebru Yildiz

Boris and Uniform, both labelmates at Sacred Bones, are releasing a collaborative album called Bright New Disease on June 16th. The lead single, "You Are the Beginning," was also shared alongside the LP announcement. Despite Boris and Uniform's usual drone and industrial sound, the single has an unexpectedly lively and upbeat vibe. The song is built around a thrash riff provided by Boris, which serves as the foundation for Uniform's Michael Berdan's energetic vocals. The bands conclude with a hardcore/crossover-thrash section.

Pre-order Bright New Disease here.

The inspiration for "You Are the Beginning" came from Boris' first day in the studio in July 2020, at the start of the pandemic. The title of the song indicates that it was initially intended to be the opening track for the album.

Boris and Uniform's 2019 tour together paved the way for their collaboration. According to Atsuo and Takeshi from Boris, the two bands share an amorphous approach to heavy music, making them a natural fit creatively. Berdan added that Uniform has always been a fan of Boris and that the resulting album represents the best of both bands' creative abilities. Ultimately, it is a testament to friendship and hope in the midst of a chaotic world.

Bright New Disease tracklisting:
1. You are the Beginning
2. Weaponized Grief
3. No
4. The Look is a Flame
5. The Sinners of Hell (Jigoku)
6. Narcotic Shadow
7. A Man from the Earth
8. Endless Death Agony
9. Not Surprised

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