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TEETH release second single, share new music video

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Official press release:

Born from a musician's desire to re-envelope their life in the heaviness that is metal and to refamiliarize with a conduit that could be considered detrimental amidst today's destructive society, the gritty powerhouse that is Ontario, Canada hardcore/metal quartet TEETH emerged from the sludge of a foul generation.

Resolved to utilize the carcasses of their conquered demons as fodder for a new euphonious weapon, TEETH wanted to create the most ignorant, aggressive-sounding music imaginable. Their latest offering A Biblical Worship Of Violence will be unleashed digitally on May 5th and on vinyl on July 21st via Nuclear Blast Records.

The band shared the following:

A Biblical Worship Of Violence is our ode to the ache of change - a snapshot of a moment in time where we were all going through dark shifts in our personal lives that forced us to see life through the lens of true pain and discomfort. We knew we needed to create something so visceral and honest to articulate what we'd been going through while also giving us the opportunity to speak on the state of this world. Division, compulsion - an intrinsic gravitational pull toward cruelty and brutality. ABWOV is a commentary on human beings darkest, most volatile conventions.

Today the band release the second single "Hate Me" from the upcoming EP. The music video was shot and directed by the band while Matthew Daly at Clearway Media handled the editing.

TEETH comments on the single:

'Hate Me' is about watching the people around you - whether it's your peers, family/loved ones, colleagues - self-destruct over petulant nonsense. Watching a marriage or friendship crumble over disagreements when both parties are too blinded by our inherent attraction to turmoil to see the pettiness of it all. It's about how we - as humans - are so viscerally unwilling to budge in our cemented beliefs and beholden to our egos that we'd rather just let the house burn down to prove our point. I THINK THERE'S FIRE IN THESE WALLS."

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anonymous 4/7/2023 11:43:35 AM

Lyrics : Separate yourself from the ideology Your fear of death Goes against biology Living life With fearful philosophy Your a pawn Part of the conspiracy Visions of life You call it fine I can't sit by Wasting my time Follow behind Those who decide This is the year we take it back Bringing forth everything we have on the table The time is now we need to move Your life is meaningless Unwind your crooked way You are pathetic And a waste of breath You'll remember who I am Narcissistic Psychopath Fools who seem to cross my path Will be int the way of my wrath Hard set mind I'm feeling fine Your out of time Murderous kind Human toxicity in your head Mindless rotting corpse instead They multiply And run away They're parasites They have no right Your way of living Just sitting waiting for the world to f*cking give you something I think it's petty To see it unrelated themes of all manipulation And the misleading

anonymous 4/7/2023 11:49:02 AM

^^ thanks for that all I heard was Goo Goo Goo

anonymous 4/7/2023 11:50:48 AM

boring. sounds like every other one word band jocking 15-20 years ago but way overproduced. make it stop

anonymous 4/7/2023 11:55:15 AM

la's teeth is better

BarstoolBilly 4/7/2023 12:03:07 PM

did teeth come in here to anon post the lyrics lol. now i can sing along!!!!

anonymous 4/7/2023 12:17:09 PM

If you don't like our lyrics don't read them! Why even click if you're just going to post hate?

anonymous 4/7/2023 12:39:08 PM

All these haters are mean! I've been listening to teeth for 12 years and they get better with every song. Great job guys. Can't wait for the next release!

anonymous 4/7/2023 12:47:43 PM

Lyrics hit close to home 10/10 already got this preordered and a shirt signed by every one of them

anonymous 4/7/2023 12:48:44 PM

Your official press release says you are a gritty powerhouse. Surely you Tim Hortons loving cancucks can take a little guff from harmless anons

anonymous 4/7/2023 1:04:59 PM

Band needs to change their name. LA band is superior, not ever close

anonymous 4/7/2023 1:05:34 PM


BarstoolBilly 4/7/2023 1:31:09 PM

anonymous 1 hour ago If you don't like our lyrics don't read them! Why even click if you're just going to post hate? fix your tone boy

easyhateoven 4/7/2023 1:40:09 PM

ugh. i paused the smiths for this?

anonymous 4/7/2023 1:45:33 PM

Death metal Teeth >

PoultryInMotion 4/7/2023 2:20:53 PM

"If you don't like our lyrics don't read them" How would I know if I like them...without reading them first?

anonymous 4/8/2023 4:04:41 AM

Did Attila write these lyrics? So cringe

anonymous 4/8/2023 4:07:11 AM

I THINK THERE'S FIRE IN THESE WALLS. I think there's retards in these bands

anonymous 4/8/2023 7:31:47 AM

Dog shit band.

anonymous 4/8/2023 9:12:22 AM

The guitar player f*cks kids.

anonymous 4/8/2023 10:58:51 AM

Descriptions brought to you by ChatGPT

anonymous 4/8/2023 11:10:09 AM

This is the worst shit I've ever heard. Hope this band is excited to play to 10 disinterested people a night on their US tour.

anonymous 4/8/2023 1:39:16 PM

No Bueno

anonymous 4/9/2023 8:55:16 PM

TEETH LA expresses their hatred through visceral dissonance No one asked for this Bodysnatcher

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