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Kublai Khan assist fan in wheelchair with stage dive at LDB Fest

kublai kahn wheelchair stagedive

Sunny Singh

During Kublai Khan's performance at the 2023 Life & Death Brigade Fest this past weekend, a remarkable incident occurred. A fan in a wheelchair was lifted onto the stage by the crowd, and to everyone's amazement, she performed a stage dive by propelling herself with speed off the stage and into the hands of the crowd.

Sunny Singh, who operates the YouTube channel hate5six and has captured some of the most memorable moments in concert history, took to Twitter to express his admiration.

The clip, which has received over 800K views at the time of this writing, features Kublai Khan's vocalist Matt Honeycutt assisting the fan in getting onto the stage after she was crowdsurfed up there. She wasted no time in executing a stage dive, which the crowd helped with, and made sure she safely made it back to the ground.

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