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Endorphins Lost release "Fear Him" music video

Endorphins Lost

Brandon Hayden

Seattle-based powerviolence band Endorphins Lost has released a music video for their track "Fear Him" off their recently dropped full-length album Night People. The album consists of 14 hard-hitting tracks and was recorded by Brandon Hayden at the Sunroom in Prescott, Arizona in December 2020. It was then mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer in Oakland, California in February 2022. The video, directed by Brian Lewis of Digital Decay Films, was premiered on Cvlt Nation, where the song's harsh message is discussed.

According to Cvlt Nation, "Fear Him" tells the story of those who take advantage of society's class system to prey on others' traumas. The band's lyrics are a harsh critique of the way mental health is treated and how social equity is often ignored. ENDORPHINS LOST's music is a mix of grind/crust, powerviolence, and sludge, with raw, chaotic soundscapes becoming more controlled and focused with each release.


"Night People" is currently available in digital and limited edition vinyl formats. Endorphins Lost continues to focus their aim on bringing attention to the struggles of the marginalized and oppressed expressing that anger and frustration through their music.

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