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Anima Hereticae release new single/music video from upcoming debut album

Anima Hereticae 2023

Teppo Ristola Photography

Official press release:

After the 2021 debut EP Ov Behest Finnish blackened death metal band Anima Hereticae has been working on their first full length album to be released in autumn 2023. The band's unique sound is a combination of Scandinavian melodic metal, death metal with black metal elements. The music goes in symbiosis with the visuals, both in live shows and on videos. Now released music video "Cimmerian Darkness" presents a view to the upcoming debut album's beauty and epicness.

The band share the background of the new single:

Even though pretty much anything we do has the sense of darkness and despair, this song has also a hint of hope in it. Creating new music is quite therapeutic and healing experience for us. And so was the writing of this song - a meditative and self-reflecting process. Some times as wondering this world we live in it feels like we are living in Cimmerian darkness on the edge of the world.


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