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Atreyu premiere new single, share music video

Atreyu 2023

Atreyu have released their next single "Watch Me Burn" off the newly announced EP, The Hope Of A Spark. Along with the release, an official music video directed by Aaran McKenzie has been shared online. 

Pre-orders for The Hope Of A Spark are available here.



The Hope Of A Spark tracklist:
1. Drowning
2. God/Devil
3. Capital F
4. Watch Me Burn


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anonymous 11 days ago

Marty from Zao here. I heard someone's mascara was bleeding and that makes me sad.

anonymous 11 days ago

Biden music

anonymous 11 days ago


anonymous 11 days ago

In high school my 5'0 emo girl conor oberst loving gf thought this band was for pussies

dayman 11 days ago


anonymous 11 days ago

not bad.

anonymous 11 days ago

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anonymous 11 days ago


anonymous 11 days ago

According to TAS this is a full album.

anonymous 7 days ago

^nailed it.

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