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Vio-lence performed in Australia with no original members

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Vio-lence, a thrash metal band, had to make some last-minute lineup changes during their "Aussie Thrashfest 2023" tour in Melbourne, Australia. Vocalist Sean Killian fell ill and couldn't perform, so the band recruited Jason North of Truth Corroded to replace him on stage. However, this meant that none of the original members were present during the performance.

In addition to Killian's absence, Vio-lence has experienced several lineup changes in recent weeks, including the departure of founding member and drummer Perry Stickland and guitarist Bobby Gustafson. Some fans may be disappointed by these changes and question whether the band is still the same without key members.


The question of what constitutes the original band is subjective and varies from fan to fan. Some may feel that even one missing founding member changes the band's identity, while others may be more open to lineup changes. Ultimately, it is up to individual fans to decide whether they want to see a band perform with a different lineup or only with the original members.

Fan-filmed footage is available from David Fowler.

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