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Bongzilla to release upcoming album through Heavy Psych Sounds

bongzilla 2023

Chrissy Bocan

Official press release:

In early 2020, Bongzilla started their own label called Gungeon Records and released a re-issue of their classic album Apogee. However, in March of 2020 it would be announced that Cooter Brown would retire from the band due to health and family reasons, with Bongzilla choosing to continue as a thunderous three-piece.

A few months into the pandemic, Bongzilla began rehearsing and recording for several different record projects – A limited Wake Brewing 7 inch, a full length album titled Weedsconsin, an LP split with the band Tons, and a 7 Inch Split with Boris, the first of a 7 inch Split Series released on Gungeon Records.

All projects were recorded at Future Apple Tree Studios in Rock Island, Illinois in October of 2020 by the legendary John Hopkins before his sudden and unexpected passing in the late fall of 2020.


Bongzilla signed to the Italian label – Heavy Psych Sounds in 2021 and released his new album in several years Weedsconsin, as well as a limited 7 Inch from Wake Brewing, followed by the Bongzilla / Tons Split for the HPS series – Doom Sessions. All releases were released in 2021.

The band is now coming back with a brand new album that will see the light in Summer 2023 via Heavy Psych Sounds.

The band shared the following:

All Dabbed up Bongzilla are super excited to be putting out Dab City on HPS records!!

Since the legalization of marijuana, and introduction of concentrated in many states of America. Bongzilla has reached new Altitudes. Dab City is the result of many hours of nectar collecting and dabbing! Obtaining a level of highness to channel riffs and jam them into the Stone sphere!

Currently, the band is set to tour the U.S. and has a European tour lined up for May.

03/15 Lawrence, KS @ Bottleneck
03/16 Dallas, TX @ Amplified
03/17 Austin, TX @ Lost Well
03/18 Little Rock, AR @ White Water Tavern
03/19 St. Louis, MO @ Red Flag
04/08 St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club
04/15 Madison, WI @ High Noon Salon
04/19 Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen *
04/20 Indianapolis, IN @ Black Circle *
04/21 Murfreesboro, TN @ Graveyard Gallery *
04/22 Piedmont, SC @ Tribbles
04/23 Augusta, GA @ Grantski Records *
04/25 Atlanta, GA @ Boggs Social *
04/26 Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor *
04/27 Raleigh, NC @ Pour House *
04/28 Wilmington, NC @ Reggies *
04/29 Baltimore, MD @ Grim Reaper Fest *
04/30 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus *
05/01 Providence, RI @ Alghemy *
05/03 Rochester, NY @ Fugjar *
05/04 Youngstown, OH @ Westside Bowl *
05/05 Columbus, OH @ Ace Of Cups *
05/06 Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary *

* support by Wizard Rifle

Search for tours coming to your city here.

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anonymous 86 days ago

More of a BluntMothra kind of guy but this'll be fun

anonymous 86 days ago

F*ck yeah!

anonymous 86 days ago

Cooter Goo

anonymous 86 days ago

Safe to say XWEAPONX won't be opening

anonymous 86 days ago

We get it, you smoke weed and are 50-something. cool

anonymous 86 days ago

^^^ Shut up

anonymous 86 days ago

^Found the band member

anonymous 86 days ago It's 4:20 Got a Beaver? Interesting concept--a dildo bong that allows you to literally puff out os a g eirl's pussy. The smoke is drawn into the tube by the water and you then breathe the smoke out of the pipe. Here the bottom or water end, which seems to have a hole in it, goes in the girl's pussy, "so that the pussy juice infuses the water"

anonymous 86 days ago

The loser that wrote blunt Mothra does trivia nights

rick____tocchet 86 days ago

Not really into these weed bands.

anonymous 86 days ago

Found the band member >>> Nope dope - up yours

anonymous 86 days ago

Boxes of cats, People with Taz tattoos, Explosive personalities, Self-centeredness, Protractor from your new geometry set, Inability to do math, Geography.

anonymous 86 days ago

Hotel trivago

PoultryInMotion 86 days ago

Band is consistantly decent.

anonymous 86 days ago

I like when band members comment. It shows us that they are in fact real people.

anonymous 86 days ago

^^^ If Tim Lambesis was smart he'd post on here & charge Lambgoat for it. Lambgoat could sell as space to recoup that cost & make a profit. A live comments thread with Tim 😂😂😂

anonymous 86 days ago

* sell aD space

anonymous 86 days ago

I'm straight edge and I love stoner doom

PoultryInMotion 86 days ago

I'm stoned right now and I love straight edge

anonymous 86 days ago

Dudes who live in their moms basement and bought a novelty 6 foot bong that they use for Facebook live videos and keep saying "big things coming" are stoked

anonymous 86 days ago

I love edging.

anonymous 86 days ago

^What about docking?

anonymous 86 days ago

Oh, I can't do that anymore. Too much of the reefer made my ding dong shrink a couple inches, so I don't play the jerk games anymore

Pilgrim 86 days ago

Would go to see Kash Under Glass then leave after that song

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