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Igorrr will not sell merch tonight at London show due to merch cut rate

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Matthis Van der Meulen

Another band is taking a stand against merch cuts. The French metal baroque unit Igorrr has decided against selling merch at their appearance in London at the O2 Forum based on the grounds that the venue is calling for a 25% cut on all merch sales. 

The group debated on raising the cost of merch to cover the inflated cut, but in the end, decided to take the hit and sell absolutely no merchandise at all. You can purchase merch directly from the band on their website.

This marks the second time this month we have reported a band forgoing the sale of merch while touring, both times have been in Europe. Just nine days ago we reported on Monuments foregoing the sale of their merch in Athens, GR.

The band shared the following via their Facebook:

We'd like to inform you that we won't sell merch at our London show tonight:
The venue, O2 Forum Kentish Town is asking for a 25% cut on our merch sales We could have raise-up the prices of our t-shirts and hoodies, but it doesn't seem fair to us to have our UK fans paying more than they should, especially because the venue is asking for a spectacular percentage for no particular reason.

We tried to negotiate with them, but they are not interested in helping us at all. For those of you who would like to purchase some merchandise online, our webshop will be updated with new designs after the tour. You can check our website for more infos. Thanks for your support. IGORRR

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