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Russian Circles share From Nothing Audiotree performance

Russian Circles

Teddie Taylor

Official press release:

From the moment they stepped out of their multiple Uhauls, fresh off a half-completed US tour, it was clear how seasoned the men in Russian Circles were to the rigorous load-in load-out process. It was still warm in Chicago, despite it being October. Maybe it was the weather, or maybe the fact they weren't loading into a venue, but the cheerful nature of this band was palpable. It felt odd, in a way, to hear a band that is known for being instrumental, be so vocal. Their guitarist, Mike Sullivan, was quick to share tour stories, talk about gear, and crack jokes that invigorated his band and the room. The humans behind this loud, heavy, powerful music turned out to be (in many ways) total goofballs.

During soundcheck, the amplification literally shook the studio. It's difficult to translate how loud this band actually is without standing directly in the room. What was most impressive was their precision without the use of a click-track—a common tactic for louder bands—how clear it was that this band were masterful at listening to themselves and each other simultaneously. One breathing unit in harmony with itself.

To be this seasoned, have nearly 20 years in the game, and still be able to push the bar with this repetitive loud rock music is a feat. There's a lot of derivative that has stemmed from this band's sound, and a lot of new sounds that have been inspired by it. Russian Circles continues to be the force to be reckoned with in post-metal, and demonstrates exactly what it takes to stay in and be the absolute best band they can be.

1. Betrayal
2. On Creativity
3. Conduit
4. On Writing
5. Gnosis
6. On Performance

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