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Wes Borland's suit against his ex-wife Carré Kwong Callaway has been dismissed

Borland and Callaway

Wes Borland, the guitarist of Limp Bizkit, has lost his legal action against his ex-wife, Carré Kwong Callaway, who is a member of the band Queen Kwong. The couple, who starred in a reality home improvement show called "Sight Unseen," were married from 2016 to 2019, and as part of their divorce, they signed an agreement not to make any defamatory comments about each other.

Borland filed a motion against Callaway after she allegedly violated the agreement by making comments about the death of a rescue cat they shared. Callaway stated that the cat died a week after Borland had made her leave their shared residence with the pet. Borland sought $5,000 plus legal fees, claiming that Callaway had attempted to defame him and his reputation.

However, according to Rolling Stone a judge ruled that Callaway did not violate the agreement, as she only expressed her opinions and frustrations about their relationship and its aftermath. The judge also stated that the subsequent review of Callaway's album, which contained references to Borland, was the author's own conclusionary statements and not those of Callaway.

Callaway responded to the verdict by stating that the legal action was an attempt to silence her and her art. She expressed relief that freedom of speech and art had prevailed and hoped that the outcome would deter similar attacks against women and artists in the future.

In a statement given to Rolling Stone Callway said:

"I made a record that I'm very proud of. It's painfully real and honest, and I think that was enough to cause Wes discomfort and displeasure. As a result, he attempted to weaponize my record's lyrics and press coverage against me in a frivolous legal action. This was an act of intimidation via a court system with the intent of disrupting my career and shutting me up. Which, unfortunately, is a common bullying tactic used by people in positions of power to evade accountability and intimidate women into silence.

Though it was an emotionally and financially exhaustive battle, I'm glad I chose to fight it. The judge made the right decision and freedom of speech and art prevailed. I'm relieved to be walking away with my voice and I hope this outcome will deter similar attacks against women and artists in the future."

According to the report, Borland's lawyer did not return Rolling Stone's request for comment.

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anonymous 3/4/2023 3:51:11 PM

Never live in California.

anonymous 3/4/2023 4:01:30 PM

^nailed it. And I live in this shithole. Hopefully New York tough guy doesn't find me!

anonymous 3/4/2023 4:11:11 PM

He said she said bullshit

anonymous 3/4/2023 4:17:30 PM

Waingro here. I am a cowboy, looking for anything heavy.

anonymous 3/4/2023 4:26:18 PM

Why does she look AI generated? Can someone confirm this is a real person?

NorthFromHere 3/4/2023 4:34:49 PM

anonymous 16 minutes ago Waingro here. I am a cowboy, looking for anything heavy. Do you have to get it on?

anonymous 3/4/2023 4:46:30 PM

She probably sucks but what kind of man sues a hoe over a f*ckin comment about a cat lmaoo. What a dumbass

anonymous 3/4/2023 5:04:01 PM

She's right 100% , Borland really reaching here. Odd considering he kept attacking Marilyn Manson in the press saying literally that "BELIEVE EVERY WOMAN" but I guess that doesn't apply to his own ex-wife Also what the hell is with the guys nose

anonymous 3/4/2023 5:05:09 PM

So let me get this straight? You new generation of losers are so fing stupid you can't even tell if a picture is real or AI?

anonymous 3/4/2023 5:05:54 PM

Dude you should have used that 5k and got a fing nose job bro seriously

anonymous 3/4/2023 5:16:50 PM

You realize this is Wes Borland, right?

anonymous 3/4/2023 5:34:26 PM

Imagine raising a daughter that will grow up and marry Wes Borland.

anonymous 3/4/2023 5:38:49 PM

"He said she said bullshit" LOLd.

anonymous 3/4/2023 5:39:24 PM

Queen Goo

anonymous 3/4/2023 5:55:30 PM

So let me get this straight? You new generation of losers are so fing stupid you can't even tell if a picture is real or AI? I'm pretty sure the jab is at the sheer amount of airbrushing and manipulation on that selfie. It seems you would be the stupid f'n guy here as you missed the joke

anonymous 3/4/2023 6:01:25 PM

Believe all women.

anonymous 3/4/2023 6:29:23 PM

^ Trick question. It's a they/them.

anonymous 3/4/2023 6:49:43 PM

You know, for me, the action is the juice. I'm in.

anonymous 3/4/2023 8:01:55 PM

You know, for me, the action is the juice. I'm in. RIP

anonymous 3/4/2023 8:15:50 PM

^ Limp Bizkit thinks they're black but they're just gay.

anonymous 3/4/2023 8:33:30 PM

Nothing sadder than a white boy wishing he was black

anonymous 3/4/2023 8:36:44 PM

Lotta retard comments firing off here at lambgoat on this fine Saturday evening.

anonymous 3/4/2023 8:52:47 PM

^Yeah, libtards are really f*cking stupid I agree.

anonymous 3/4/2023 8:57:46 PM

Carré Kwong Callaway is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter "discovered" at age 17 by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

anonymous 3/4/2023 9:55:16 PM

" ^ Limp Bizkit thinks they're black but they're just gay" I get that reference !

anonymous 3/4/2023 10:22:33 PM

The cat's name was Nookie

anonymous 3/4/2023 10:26:50 PM

LOL @ deleting Critical Khaos comments but leaving up the racist ones.

anonymous 3/4/2023 10:32:54 PM

Who gives a f*ck

anonymous 3/5/2023 12:21:57 AM

Wes' eyes are too close together, like the opposite of a horse's head. Crazy.

anonymous 3/5/2023 12:49:17 AM

^I agree, it's f*cking creeping me out.

anonymous 3/5/2023 2:24:24 AM

Hot mama. I'd like to slide into her DM if you know what I mean.

anonymous 3/5/2023 2:46:58 AM

She's probably a bitch but she's right on this one. Grow up, Wes

anonymous 3/5/2023 2:47:45 AM

Poor girl. Nobody wants Borland's leftovers.

anonymous 3/5/2023 2:56:59 AM

Wes can probably pull any tail at college bars down in Florida. Pretty sure this bitch has a mean cooch, that's why he married. Sad!

anonymous 3/5/2023 2:59:40 AM

Can her art really be silenced if nobody listens to it in the first place?

anonymous 3/5/2023 3:16:34 AM

You know, it really doesn't matter what the media write as long as you've got a young and beautiful piece of ass.

anonymous 3/5/2023 3:42:08 AM

Lambgoat liberals absolutely seething over these comments.

rick____tocchet 3/5/2023 4:15:31 AM

All over a cat. Can I sue Wes for the God Awful costumes he wears on stage? Jesus Christ dude, you look like a f*cking reject side show freak that got kicked out of the circus because the circus people decided you were too much of a douche.

anonymous 3/5/2023 9:11:25 AM

Shes a trap. Check that bone structure.

anonymous 3/5/2023 9:44:18 AM

Gross... Just... Yuck to both of them 😆🤮

anonymous 3/5/2023 12:19:33 PM

What am I doing? I'm talking into an empty phone, because there's a dead man on the other end of this f@#kin' line.

anonymous 3/5/2023 12:55:20 PM

"He said she said bullshit." Dude, this is great. Also she looks like a pretty photoshopped boy with long hair. Very weird photo

anonymous 3/5/2023 1:49:39 PM

i'm almost certain the girl in that picture is just wes borland in another one of his wily costumes

anonymous 3/5/2023 6:18:12 PM

I'm sure that they are both a couple of nice guys 😂

anonymous 3/6/2023 6:25:02 AM

How desperate do you have to be a member of a legacy band and sue somebody for $5k?

anonymous 3/11/2023 4:49:45 PM

Both Wes and Fred got married 4 times. They should just marry each other

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