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Squid Pisser and Nekrogoblikon's Nicky Calonne team up in new single

squid pisser 2023

Official press release:

Tommy Meehan (Deaf Club) and Seth Carolina (Starcrawler) team up with Nicky Calonne (Nekrogoblikon) on the second single from their debut LP release, My Tadpole Legion. Synopsis: The Squid Boys disguise themselves as Cow People, People from the Future, and even lampshades as they explore the serene and overgrown jungle sections of the LA RIVER... They visit a video store, see a snail, play with time itself at the ancient time clock, and even pet a dog as they pray to The Humongous Cephalopod of the cosmos that Nicky doesn't use a ball peen hammer on their skulls while he's in SQUID MODE...

Lyrically, "The Everlasting Bloat" tackles important economic and socio-political issues...

You can watch the Max Winston directed video below.

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