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Moon Tooth announce their return to the stage, share music video

Moon Tooth

Jesse Korman

Official press release:

Moon Tooth, who released their highly-praised album Phototroph (Pure Noise Records) in May of 2022, celebrate both guitar player Nick Lee's recovery, and the one year anniversary of the 11-song album, with a May 20 outing at The Brooklyn Monarch.

In late July, as the band was slated to play a New York date with Cave In, Nick began experiencing seizures, landing in a medically-induced coma and spending over a month in the hospital. Nick ultimately received the diagnosis of Limbic Encephalitis, with his band members, and the music community as a whole, rallying around Nick as he underwent treatment, and thankfully, recovered from the surprise illness.

Guitarist Nick Lee shared the following:

The way myself and the rest of Moon Tooth see this situation is we could hide from the mystery brain disease for another six months, a year, six years; or we could face it directly this Spring and do what we do best, which is play a killer live show alongside some of our best friends. We've been working our asses off to get back to tip top shape and I have been fortunate enough to have the most incredible support base a person could hope for in blood, family, and health, so let's hang May 20th and truly make up for some lost time!

Moon Tooth is now celebrating not only Nick's good health, but the Long Island-based band's return to live performances. Tickets for their May 20 show at The Brooklyn Monarch are on-sale this Friday at 10 am eastern.

The band has also released a video for "Grip on the Ridge", once again working with Director Tom Flynn who created The "Goodfellas" inspired clip for "Alpha Howl", the vampire-infused video for "Carry Me Home", a colorful, psychedelic offering "The Conduit" and the narrative piece for "Nymphaeaceae".

Vocalist John Carbone shared the following about the new video:

Conceptually, 'Grip on the Ridge' deals with something that will undoubtedly be revisited in future recordings of ours. While writing this record, my family was dealing with the sudden and unexpected passing of my Uncle. With my family being as tight-knit as we are, personally experiencing that and especially watching my cousins endure it after having already lost their Mother ten years prior was more terrible than I can convey. The song reflects not only a person having to face that horror, but also the monumental question of 'Where do we go from here?' It reflects the desperate grasp for the will TO go on.

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anonymous 2/21/2023 9:50:46 AM

Moon Goo

anonymous 2/21/2023 9:55:47 AM

Moon face

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anonymous 2/21/2023 10:01:01 AM

It's was the time when I was around 21 and in my first touring band, people said I looked hot but I didn't think much about that. I was 5'4″ had an almost flat stomach with a little facial hair here and there. When I first saw her at ST vitus, her body made my pee-pee go yoo-hoo! She told me she has been with a man before, but never a man like Mike go.o

anonymous 2/21/2023 10:07:33 AM

I agree, WHO?!

anonymous 2/21/2023 10:08:59 AM

Moon Tooth and Astronoid are both dope bands! PS…Michael Goo will be at this show.

anonymous 2/21/2023 10:11:46 AM

This sounds like dance gavin dance or something

anonymous 2/21/2023 10:12:16 AM

Go0 T0oth

anonymous 2/21/2023 10:46:21 AM

Mike-Goo > moon boots > Moon Tooth

anonymous 2/21/2023 11:07:16 AM

I thought encephalitis was the one that made your scrotum abnormally large

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anonymous 2/21/2023 2:49:51 PM

Dorthy Gootooth

anonymous 2/22/2023 7:22:48 AM

These guys sound pretty full of themselves

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