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RUN premiere latest single "Everyone's Cancelled, Everything’s Cancer", share music video

RUN 2023

Official press release:

Initiated in Melbourne in 2019 as a studio collaboration between veteran vocalist Lochlan Watt and esteemed guitarist/producer Mike Deslandes as R U N, RUN has filled the gaps and now moves forward as a renewed and finally whole unit. Though the pandemic was an especially tough time for all musical endeavours, Watt's brain cancer diagnosis added another severe layer of adversity to the challenge of launching and then growing the project. Regardless, he pushed through multiple surgeries and treatments and eventually triumphed on all fronts. The project finally hit its stride with live shows throughout 2022, including an appearance at the esteemed Dark Mofo festival alongside Katatonia, Black Sheep Wall and Conjurer, and stints of touring with Frontierer and Antagonist A.D, before kicking off their 2023 by opening for Darkest Hour.


Though musically the dark and intense collision of black metal, post-metal and metalcore is much the same on this new single, lyrically the band strays far from the emotionally turbulent introspection of 2020's debut EP For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet. RUN marks this new phase with a searing disdain towards humanity's recent behaviour, a gutful of venom to spit back out across all of society, and a view to indeed leaving our worst years behind us. Everyone's Cancelled, Everything's Cancer.

The single was produced and enginnered by Mike Deslandes and mastered by Forrester Savell. You can view the Arron Parker-Richards, Adrian Horsman directed video below.

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