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Poison Ruin sign to Relapse Records, announce new album

poison ruin 2023

Official press release:

We live in a fantasy, but not one of our own choosing. It is a dark and frigid world, animated by power, thrills, and the undying spirit of those who have nothing but each other left in the struggle to get by. This is the world of Poison Ruïn's Härvest; the only way out is through.

Evoking a rich tapestry of ice-caked forests, peasant revolts, and silent knights, Poison Ruin stab at the pulsing heart of what it means to live under the permanent midnight of contemporary life. Härvest gazes at the world with a sense of grave seriousness, its stare softened only by the alluring seduction of a dream world's open-ended possibility. These songs move with a type of uncanny confidence, assembling an array of references to past styles and sensibilities that collapse in on one another, congealing into a truly unique sonic landscape.

Poison Ruin have constructed a fantasy world of a better future. They do not flinch in the face of darkness or peddle in empty utopian gestures, but rather harness the energies of revenge and comradery to stoke the desire for a better world made material.

Its title track interplays between softly transitory instrumentals and sonic barrages, juxtaposing piano passages against a drawling, sitting-on-the-edge-of-the-world vocal line. Frantic instrumentals race forward with bold highs, shifting effortlessly from urgent funeral marches to subtly power pop inflected choruses. "Harvest" is a metaphor for workers' struggle - a bitter calls to arms. Watch the official music video below.

Härvest tracklist:
1. Pinnacle of Ecstasy
2. Tome of Illusion
3. Torture Chamber
4. Härvest
5. Frozen Blood
6. Resurrection I
7. Resurrection II
8. Augur Die
9. Blighted Quarter
10. Bastard's Dance
11. Slowly Through the Dark

Preorder Härvest here.

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