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Bane is officially teasing us

We have some questions


On Friday the retired hardcore group Bane posted an image of a "B" in red font on a black background leaving fans wondering what it meant. Bane played their "final" show in 2016, however in 2021 we saw the group reunite for one night to perform at the benefit show for Brendan "Stu" Maguire alongside Sick Of It All, H20, and Bouncing Souls

Today the band again uploaded another photo to their social media, but this time it is the "A" in red font on black background.

What does it mean? No idea. However, if the posts keep on schedule they will spell out Bane by Monday. Maybe then we will find out what they are teasing. New music? New tours? Will they join the list of bands to reunite at this year's Furnace Fest?

I guess we will find out at the beginning of next week.

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