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Employed To Serve to drop Deluxe Edition 'Conquering', share remix video ft Alien Weaponry

Employed To Serve

Andy Ford

Official press release:

Employed To Serve will release the digital deluxe version of their current studio album, Conquering, on March 10 via Spinefarm. This updated version will include four new tracks: a heady mix of the new, the remix, and the live, in addition to a fresh cover image.

The brand new recording is "Take Back Control," a typically full-on number produced and mixed by Lewis Johns, who worked with the band on the Conquering album itself; the remix, meanwhile, is an inventive re-working of Conquering track "Sun Up To Sun Down," featuring New Zealand metal three-piece Alien Weaponry; while the two live tracks were recorded last year on the Gojira tour of Europe.


Employed To Serve vocalist Justine Jones offers:

We always find it exciting to rework an already finalized song, and when the idea of doing it to a track from our latest album Conquering came up, the obvious choice was 'Sun Up to Sun Down.'

The idea of re-working a track is to add a new dimension to it, and what better way than bringing in new musicians to alter the entire DNA of the song. We asked the guys in Alien Weaponry if they would be up for this collaboration whilst on tour with them last summer. We thought their vocal stylings could really add something to 'Sun Up...' They seemed as enthusiastic about the idea as we were, so when we got back from tour, we sent them the track to add their parts and we were stoked on the outcome! It's also rather poetic, due to the time difference when the sun is rising here in the UK, it's setting in their home country of New Zealand.

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