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GEL announce debut album, share new song

'Only Constant' due out March 31 on Convulse records

GEL 2023

Angel Tumalan

Official press release:

New Jersey's finest, GEL, have announced their highly anticipated debut full-length, Only Constant. Due out March 31st from Convulse Records, the album is a 16-minute blast of untouchable ferocious hardcore that proves exactly why GEL have become one of the most exciting new bands in the genre.

To mark the album's announcement, GEL have shared a pummeling new track, "Attainable." The song highlight's GEL's ability to be genuinely catchy without sacrificing an ounce of aggression, with a nearly danceable hi-hat beat that's sure to get the floor moving at the band's upcoming live shows.

Preorders are available here.

The music on Only Constant pushes the aggression factor even further, but Kaiser's lyrics are deeply self-reflective, walking a line between rage and optimism. "I've learned a lot about myself and how to address negative feelings," they say. "The album is about trying to let go of those self-destructive tendencies and embrace change." GEL fosters this mentality through their music, these are high intensity songs but they're full of the kind of vulnerability it takes to unabashedly be yourself. The riffs might compel you to jump off a stage, but you'll know someone is going to catch you.

Only Constant track-list:
1. Honed Blade
2. Fortified
3. Attainable
4. Out of Mind
5. Dicey
6. Calling Card
7. The Way Out
8. Worn Down
9. Snake Skin
10. Composure

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