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Meshuggah to release remaster 15th Anniversary Edition of 'ObZen'


Official press release:

2023 marks fifteen years since the release of ObZen, the groundbreaking sixth studio album from long-running metal icons Meshuggah.

Another masterpiece of musical diversity and surprises standing among an already sonically astounding discography, the 2008-released ObZen contains the band's monster hit, "Bleed" – the song that tore through the industry like a shockwave leaving fans and musician friends alike simply awestruck.


In celebration of ObZen's fifteenth anniversary, Atomic Fire will unleash a sonically updated version of the album, remastered by Thomas Eberger and Sofia von Hage at Stockholm Mastering. The re-release of this masterpiece comes in hi-def audio on all streaming platforms, as well as a beautifully enhanced digipak featuring a twenty-page booklet and stunning 180-gram gatefold double vinyl in several marbled and splatter color variants (limited worldwide to under 1500 of each). The special edition will be released on March 31st.

Preorders are available here.

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anonymous 126 days ago

Remastered by Mike Goo.

anonymous 126 days ago

Gender of the individual on the cover?

anonymous 126 days ago

Classic album, but is there really a need for a remaster of an album that was modernly and meticulously produced in the first place?

BigDog 126 days ago

Just a remaster? They need to remix this without those goofy ass Drumkit from Hell samples.

anonymous 126 days ago

Right winger here - deeply insecure about my sexuality and masculinity. Here to project my problems onto others every two seconds and spend my minimum wage on a rifle from Walmart

anonymous 126 days ago

I enjoy polyrhythmic metal. Why won't girls go out with me?

anonymous 126 days ago

Right winger?

anonymous 126 days ago

Why would you remaster an album released in 2008? What are you gonna do, compress that shit even more? Obzen DR is 7. Already too loud.

anonymous 126 days ago

15 yrs ago they released their only good album.

anonymous 126 days ago

Left winger here, I'm gay and my pronouns are they/them and you should know that because my sexuality is my identity. Happy Pride Month!

rick_tocchet 125 days ago

Just saw Messugah in October. They f*cking killed it.

anonymous 125 days ago

Best live band in history…yep, I said it

anonymous 125 days ago

decapitated spheres of madness is better than any song by this band

anonymous 124 days ago

anonymous 22 hours ago decapitated spheres of madness is better than any song by this band permalink | report abuse ^^ two different bands. Btw, Vogg loves and is influenced by Meshuggah so sucks for you.

anonymous 124 days ago

actually it doesn't. and point stands

anonymous 123 days ago

decapitated spheres of madness is better than any song by this band ^lol. that band wouldn't even exist without Meshuggah, who they've bascially become a shitty cover version of these days. lemme guess, the monkeys are better than the beatles, right? and run DMC wouldn't be sh!t without vanilla ice, I'm guessing?

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