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Norma Jean share music video for "1994' prior to tour

Norma Jean 2022

The celebrate Norma Jean's "THE DEATHRATTLE TOUR" tour, which kicks off February 2, the band has released a music video for "1994". "1994" is the opening offering off the group's latest album DEATHRATTLE SING FOR ME, which was released in August of last year.

The music video features various footage of the band member's childhood until now. You can view the Jimmy Reeve-directed video below.


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anonymous 1/26/2023 10:55:35 PM

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kort 1/26/2023 11:33:30 PM

norma took a dump in her jeans because she couldnt reach the bathroom in time uuuggghhhhooo

anonymous 1/27/2023 12:46:06 AM

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anonymous 1/27/2023 3:15:35 AM

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anonymous 1/27/2023 3:20:06 AM

Mike goo???

anonymous 1/27/2023 4:14:45 AM

^ now more than ever

anonymous 1/27/2023 4:20:05 AM

What that Goo do

anonymous 1/27/2023 5:29:17 AM

Stay the f*ck out of my scene. - Jesse Barnett

rick_tocchet 1/27/2023 5:31:11 AM

This band is still around ?

anonymous 1/27/2023 5:40:54 AM

Matt Fox from Shai Hulud here. My crotch bleeds the darkest blood.

anonymous 1/27/2023 6:09:11 AM

no original members from 1994 or lutikriss. hang it up. memphis is a top 10 metalcore song all time

rick_tocchet 1/27/2023 6:34:40 AM

These part time sheet rockers should be ashamed of themselves stepping on stage every night under the banner of Norma Jean. None of these guys have anything to do with the cred they still get, for whatever reason that is for in 2023.

anonymous 1/27/2023 7:16:37 AM

Normal Jeans are better.

anonymous 1/27/2023 8:50:20 AM

^^^ You found out about Luti-Kriss a week ago, get bent. And Memphis will be laid to waste is the most boring song off of bless the martyr

anonymous 1/27/2023 9:45:42 AM

BLAH BLAH BLAH Trump 2024 bitch

anonymous 1/27/2023 9:49:34 AM

The only reason this band is still able to tour is based off a song NONE of them wrote.

anonymous 1/27/2023 10:48:17 AM

Trump 2024 bitch ^Agreed. Gonna be fun watching him lose again, especially after helping torpedo the mid-terms for the right-wingers. Losers gonna lose.

anonymous 1/28/2023 9:11:18 AM

i knew about them long before you did loser i would know. memphis is the best song on the album and entire discography, possibly of any metalcore album ever. smoked starkweather

anonymous 1/28/2023 9:48:58 AM

"Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste." How fitting for today's narrative. I'll be there "shopping" for new kicks this weekend.

anonymous 1/28/2023 11:46:41 PM

Should be sheetrock instructional video

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