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Relapse Records signs Buried Inside

Sunday, August 22, 2004 10:25 PM PT / 5,896 views

Ottawa's Buried Inside have now signed with Relapse Records. The band has previously released an album with Cyclop Media. Their Relapse debut, entitled "Chronoclast," will hit stores on November 9th in Canada, and January elsewhere. The effort was recorded early this year with producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon). Meanwhile, the group will be on the road consistently this fall and winter.


rye 8/22/2004 11:08:00 PM

FIRST COMMENT. hot shit.

xGoblinx 8/23/2004 12:02:23 AM

First album was great; this one will be completely amazing. Unfortunately, my Buried Inside shirt will no longer be so challengingly obscure. Minus ten scenepoints.

theoneandonly 8/23/2004 12:22:32 AM

this is good to see this under-rated band getting signed...i had a chace to see them one time and missed it...i guess it was great though...had a ring of fire

getdownwiththesickness666 8/23/2004 12:29:45 AM

Awesome, I cant wait for this!

Imalwaysright 8/23/2004 12:34:34 AM

Amazing band. Their first cd owns, I cant wait for the next!

willy_wanker 8/23/2004 12:36:01 AM

bad choice for relapse

jwcp 8/23/2004 4:02:24 AM

this surprised me, i'm stoked to hear them with a quality recording

eadup 8/23/2004 8:44:20 AM

congrats to an awesome canadian band. saw them about a month and a half ago...great

foulmouth 8/23/2004 10:03:02 AM

Great Band!

vychereon 8/24/2004 6:24:09 PM

teh awesome

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