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Turbid North stream new single, 'The Road'

Turbid North

Official press release:

The official music video for Turbid North's new single "The Road" is streaming now.

The track appears on the Texas trio's upcoming new album, The Decline, out January 20th. Pre-order the album, here.

Turbid North guitarist/vocalist Nick Forkel states:

"'The Road' is about survival in the bleakest situations. How far you'll push yourself to keep going. Even if the world you're living in isn't all that great to begin with. Suffer today, to live another day."


The music video conveys the song's message by way of post-apocalyptic imagery reminiscent of the Cormac McCarthy novel with which it shares a title.

Turbid North's first new album in seven years, The Decline is a transcendent experience – a balance of sheer speed, earthquaking intensity, and rapturous beauty. While Forkel and his bandmates bassist Chris O'Toole (Unearth) and drummer Jono Garrett (Shock Withdrawal, Mos Generator) display Napalm Death-level grindcore chops, "The Road" showcases the band's doom-rock side. The song is a driving, radiant, 12/8 rocker in line with the likes of Metallica, Crowbar, and Mastodon.


Decibel Magazine states:

"Prepare yourself for the end times with this new video from Turbid North... 'The Road' leans heavily into the doomed and stoned side of Turbid North, featuring chugging riffs and bellowing vocals. The song strikes a lonely chord in the listener, which is further strengthened by the accompanying video which shows a woman, once left for dead, regaining her strength and connecting with her old self."


Founded in Alaska in the early '00s, Turbid North relocated to Fort Worth, Texas in 2007 and finally delivered its debut album, Orogeny, in 2011 via Unearth frontman Trevor Phipps' Ironclad Recordings. The current lineup of Forkel, O'Toole, and Garrett was solidified in 2012. Sophomore album Eyes Alive was released in 2015, receiving these words from Metal Hammer:

"A devastating piece of work; from moments of full-throttle, sludgy thrash to lolloping, red-eyed stoner riffs... Turbid North swoop and attack like some monstrous, three-headed bird of prey." 

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