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Unearth to tour Europe with Misery Index and Year Of The Knife

Trevor Phipps Unearth

Dylan Tarre

Unearth will head to Europe in April for the "Hell On Earth Tour 2023". Tour support will be handled by Misery Index and The Year Of The Knife. You can check the 3-week trek down below.

Unearth w/ Misery Index and Year Of The Knife tour dates:   

04/01 Dortmund, DE @ Junkyard 
04/02 Antwerp, BE @ Trix
04/05 Munchen, DE @ Backstage
04/04 Freiburg, DE @ Crash
04/05 Eindhoven, NL @ Dynamo
04/06 Sheffield, UK @ Corporation
04/07 Leeds, UK @ The Warehouse
04/08 London, UK @ Islington Assembly Hall
04/09 Lille, FR @ The Black Lab
04/10 Paris, FR @ La Machine Du Moulin Rouge
04/11 Stuttgart, DE @ Im Wizemann
04/12 Weinheim, DE @ Cafe Central
04/13 Cottbus, DE @ Gladhouse
04/14 Leer, DE @ Zollhaus
04/15 Chemnitz, DE @ AJZ Chemnitz
04/16 Ostrava, CZ @ Barrak Music Club
04/17 Berlin, DE @ SO36
04/18 Hamburg, DE @ Bahnhof Pauli
04/19 Copenhagen, DK @ Pumpehuset
04/20 Gothenburg, SE @ Musikens Hus
04/21 Stockholm, SE @ Slaktkyrkan


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anonymous 12/23/2022 10:39:02 AM

Tour dates are so hard to read lamegoat had to rewrite them lol 05/04 I'm there

anonymous 12/23/2022 10:49:55 AM

honestly wild that yotk is trying to go on without tyler. he was that band. also wild anyone still cares about them without him they must have got raked over the coals on their guarantee

anonymous 12/23/2022 10:50:18 AM

Where are the Polish dates?

anonymous 12/23/2022 10:52:23 AM

Is the chick that pretends to play bass now singing for yotk?

anonymous 12/23/2022 11:28:50 AM

beats the vfw's in the states...I saw unearth recently play to maybe 45 people

anonymous 12/23/2022 11:47:17 AM

wild that if everyone had just told some crazy chick to f*ck off when she made up allegations about Zach Dear we wouldn't have had to suffer through the last 5 years of Year of the Knife

anonymous 12/23/2022 11:54:48 AM

uncrip and misery dankness

anonymous 12/23/2022 12:20:55 PM

" anonymous 49 minutes ago beats the vfw's in the states...I saw unearth recently play to maybe 45 people" Nobody gives a f*ck about these bands any more. When I saw Eighteen Visions on their 2022 Vanity tour in Chicago, the room was half empty and a bunch of people left after SeeYouSpaceCowboy

anonymous 12/23/2022 12:33:05 PM

Put that on a shirt, oh wait, don't.

anonymous 12/23/2022 12:39:13 PM

Probably less about caring for these bands and more related to how insanely expensive it is to even go to concerts these days. Obviously, these shows are cheaper than bigger acts, but these bands used to be $10 - $20 to see, and now it is at least $50 after fees. Shirts used to be $15 - $20 and now they are $40 - $50. Every band is touring now, the market is oversaturated. Do you want to see 18V or use that money to see a bigger, more well-known, or liked act? Or, with inflation, would you prefer to eat or have gas in your car? The economy killed the scene, because kids can't afford to go to shows regularly anymore.

anonymous 12/23/2022 12:39:57 PM

The bubbles around the comments suck and look stupid. Change it back.

dev 12/23/2022 12:42:13 PM

anonymous 1 minute ago The bubbles around the comments suck and look stupid. Change it back. You suck and look stupid

anonymous 12/23/2022 12:43:17 PM

Please to come play in Poland

anonymous 12/23/2022 12:44:36 PM

"You suck and look stupid" Maybe, but I am not posting my face all over this site and forcing people to look at it. Get some design skills "dev".

anonymous 12/23/2022 12:50:48 PM

Please to come play in Poland ^^^^^it is nailed

anonymous 12/23/2022 1:06:12 PM

Regarding the comment about shows/merchandise being too expensive: I agree with this to an extent. One of the issues is that you have nu-jacks coming around, bugging promoters to book -insert name of band here-. Then the band gets booked and kids don't show up. The promoter takes a hit and has to pay the bands out of pocket. The same shit happened with The Rumble. That shit used to be booked at Bottom Lounge V 2.0, but the place was always half empty. Then it got moved to Cobra Lounge where it always sells out cuz it's a much smaller place. Everything costs more now. Gas is a bitch, the economy is shit, the cost of goods is through the roof, and it is what it is. A lot of bands are doing fly in dates now, then driving the rest of the dates. This is what Eighteen Visions did. Gas isn't cheap, and when you're not trying to go into the red with taking time off work and the promoter isn't trying to lose money, he then has to charge enough to make shit happen.

anonymous 12/23/2022 1:40:19 PM

Shit has always cost money. Touring bands back in the day just ate Spaghetti and went into debt like real men. Suck it up.

anonymous 12/23/2022 3:14:44 PM

Year of the butt

anonymous 12/23/2022 4:02:23 PM

Tobin abasi is good at guitar

anonymous 12/23/2022 4:29:08 PM

As long as ken sushi is still out of the band I will fly in from billings for this

rick_tocchet 12/23/2022 6:07:28 PM

I am wondering of Unearth is getting any royalties from for being the band on the shirt for which this website is selling........ Its only fair, right?? Lawsuit???

anonymous 12/23/2022 6:13:40 PM

Dude people on this site are the worst. All of you people bitch and complain anonymously but if this site were suddenly not here where would you go to complain about everything possible? Bunch of nerds. That are totally about to attack me. Which further solidifies you all being nerd bullies.

anonymous 12/23/2022 7:19:32 PM

^ Reddit?

anonymous 12/23/2022 7:22:04 PM

I so hope Unearth didn't authorize use on that shirt. That will be entertaining.

anonymous 12/23/2022 8:05:54 PM

way to delete and repost days later loser

anonymous 12/23/2022 8:21:47 PM

Year of the butt Comment of 2023

anonymous 12/23/2022 10:52:55 PM

Nice Lambooot picture. 👌

anonymous 12/24/2022 1:10:07 AM

Gay Hearts Now Reign.

anonymous 12/24/2022 1:26:37 AM

Misery Business >

anonymous 12/24/2022 7:21:44 AM

imagine unearth and the photographer suing lurk for his entire life savings for making that shit shirt that sold less than 20 copies

anonymous 12/27/2022 9:07:47 AM

wild that if everyone had just told some crazy chick to f*ck off when she made up allegations about Zach Dear we wouldn't have had to suffer through the last 5 years of Year of the Knife Comment of the Year, 2022

anonymous 12/27/2022 1:14:39 PM

What happened to Tyler the people deserve answers

anonymous 12/27/2022 8:14:50 PM

You know won't be on this? Ken Sushi since he graduated to As I Lay Dying.

anonymous 12/29/2022 6:16:45 PM

Unearth is coming back to Australia next month which is something Ken Susi will never be able to do with Criminal "Man tits" Record as a singer

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