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Life Of Agony announce additional North America dates

life of agony

After announcing their initial dates to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the band's debut album River Runs Red, Life Of Agony has also announced a 3-week run for the U.S. featuring Sick Of It All as support.

03/09 Albany, NY @ Empire Underground
03/11 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
03/12 Millersville, PA @ Phantom Power
03/14 Leesburg, VA @ Tally Ho Theater
03/15 Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage
03/17 Louisville, KY @ Headliners Music Hall
03/18 Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
03/19 Columbus, OH @ The King Of Clubs
03/21 McHenry, IL @ The Vixen
03/22 Hobart, IN @ The Art Theater
03/24 Pittsburgh, PA @ Jergels
03/25 Cleveland, OH @ The Foundry
03/26 Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace
03/28 Ottawa, ON @ Brass Monkey
03/29 Montreal, QC @ Le Studio TD
03/30 Hampton Beach, NH – Wally's
04/01 Stroudsburg, PA @ Sherman Theater

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anonymous 12/22/2022 10:58:03 AM

Does the trans singer like to sleep with men or women? Asking for myself? I'll be at the show in Hobart, IN and would love to hook up!

anonymous 12/22/2022 11:40:56 AM

^ for the last time, it's both.

anonymous 12/22/2022 12:32:43 PM

My younger self would have never guessed that the singer was wishing for his period when jamming to this album.

anonymous 12/22/2022 12:44:46 PM

Agony is just what i felt seeing btbam get dissed on the vanflip podcast. See for yourself

anonymous 12/22/2022 12:58:59 PM

I'd bang a tranny. Not Keith tho he's not hot

anonymous 12/22/2022 1:14:07 PM

"I'm a man on the outside, but inside I feel like I am an incredibly ugly female. Recognize me for who I am!"

anonymous 12/22/2022 1:34:02 PM

Terrible photo. No new fans won…

rick_tocchet 12/22/2022 2:03:22 PM

Whats worse, an ugly dude or an ugly tranny?

anonymous 12/22/2022 2:13:48 PM

^ Trick question, they are the same and thus equal.

anonymous 12/22/2022 2:48:40 PM

^^wow, way to diss Rick's mom

anonymous 12/22/2022 3:10:07 PM

You could use that chin as a t square in a pinch. What a handsome (wo)man!

anonymous 12/22/2022 3:38:57 PM

How long before Keith detransitions?

anonymous 12/22/2022 4:17:54 PM


anonymous 12/22/2022 5:17:25 PM

Love gun

anonymous 12/22/2022 6:37:27 PM

Dino here! Congrats to not 1 but 2 NY greats hitting the road for what's sure to be an unprecedented tour for the ages! Hails from a fellow legend! Personally, when I'm jamming to Life of Agony these days, I usually do so while enjoying a scene from a certain miss Brittney Kade! If you know, you know - what a woman! New vocalist announcement coming soon - stay tuned!

anonymous 12/23/2022 6:33:25 AM

Uhhh no thanks.

Bortslob 12/23/2022 7:17:55 AM

I saw LOA back in 2019 I think it was.. anyway, they pretty much played all of rrr then. And they f*cking rocked

anonymous 12/23/2022 8:14:28 AM

Gotta pack in as many dates as possible so baby can turn that pee pee into a va jay jay.

anonymous 12/23/2022 9:20:48 AM

You people are turds.

anonymous 12/23/2022 10:00:09 AM

Never understood why kids who allegedly like hardcore punk jock a trash band like this.

anonymous 12/23/2022 12:19:10 PM

^ Has never listened to River Runs Red.

anonymous 12/23/2022 11:44:46 PM

That dude is hot.

anonymous 12/24/2022 8:45:52 AM

I would f*ck Keith or Mina. A hole is a hole is a hole. Lube and a vivid imagination can fix anything.

anonymous 12/24/2022 10:54:33 AM

Does anyone know if Nate Gluck was ever arrested for faking Cancer to pocket all the fundraising monies?

anonymous 12/24/2022 12:45:38 PM

Pussy = Man Pussy

anonymous 12/24/2022 12:47:02 PM

I wonder if an inside-out penis feels the same as a real vagina.

anonymous 12/24/2022 12:48:23 PM

Being that Mina is still Keith on the inside, does it make him gay as a Frankie because she likes taking dick?

anonymous 12/24/2022 12:49:03 PM

What's a Frankie? I said transperson.

anonymous 12/24/2022 12:49:39 PM

Emmure should be on this.

anonymous 12/24/2022 12:50:21 PM

"What's a Frankie? I said transperson." Frankie Palmeri.

anonymous 12/24/2022 6:58:05 PM

I am more than happy to openly admit I am transphobic, hate gaypeople, find no use for blackpeople other than to commit crime, and women are nothing more than a sperm receptacle (and no means yes as far as I'm concerned).

anonymous 12/24/2022 9:33:21 PM

^^^Tell me more...

anonymous 12/25/2022 1:41:38 AM

^ I have two rapes under my belt, but pleaded down to simple assaults due to both victims refusing to testify. While in prison, and being surrounded by scumbag blackpeople, I learnt how lazy and meaningless they are to society. Once released, a transperson tried to pretend they were a female to lure me back to their apartment for a one night stand. Once I realized she was a he, I beat them severely and they required a 6 month intensive care stay. I was charged with a hate crime, but once again, due to the victim unable to testify, it was pleaded down to 3rd degree assault. 1 year in prison and have been clean ever since.

anonymous 12/25/2022 8:07:51 AM

Lol @ Hobart, IN

anonymous 12/26/2022 3:15:24 PM

"featuring Sick Of It All as support." This tour is very very very clearly a co-headline, you mouth breathing retard.

anonymous 12/27/2022 9:33:48 AM

That's a dude

anonymous 12/27/2022 9:44:26 AM

Keith hates RRR but only makes money from that one album.

anonymous 12/29/2022 7:59:07 AM

I fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Watched my brothers die or go insane. This is what we fought for…trannies. Big dicked Trannies.

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