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Carrion Vael share latest single inspired by cult leader Jim Jones

Carrion Vael

Melodic deathcore band Carrion Vael is decimating this holiday season with a new video for "Wings of Deliverance". Taken from their previously released album Abhorrent Obsessions, "Wings of Deliverance" continues the destructive and horror-filled trail Carrion Vael is blazing.


Vocalist Travis Purcell comments on the track and video:

"We wrote this song about cult leader and mass murderer Jim Jones.  Jones, who is from our hometown of Richmond Indiana, led a cult of more than 900 people to their deaths while living in Jonestown, a remote settlement located in Guyana.  Jones laced the grape drink flavor aid with cyanide, and then convinced or forced his cult members to drink the substance on November 18, 1978, before putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger.  "Wings of deliverance" was the name of one his first churches in Indiana, it was partially funded and members were recruited by selling monkeys door to door in the Indianapolis area."


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