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Atreyu partner with EDM producer Kayzo in new single


Official press release:

So Cal rock warriors Atreyu and EDM dynamo Kayzo have teamed up for a molten new tracks dubbed "Depression Season." It's not a remix. We repeat — this is not a remix. It's a brand new track where two titans of their genres collide. The result is nothing short of spectacular. Listen to the song and watch the visualizer below.


Ateyu frontman Brandon Saller shared:

Meeting and working with Kayzo was so effortless. Our first collaboration, 'Battle Drums,' then belonged to the world and did more organically than either camp had imagined. It only made sense for us to embark on Round 2. 'Depression Season' is completely a different and fresh take on what people might expect from an Atreyu and Kayzo mashup!

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