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Drug Church announce February weekend run with Angel Du$t & Fiddlehead

Drug Church

Drug Church has announced a few dates in February weekender alongside Angel Du$t and Fiddlehead with Prize, B.R.A.T., and fleshwater providing support at each of the different stops. You can see the dates and line ups below.

02/23 Brooklyn, NY @ Monarch (w/ Prize)
02/24 Baltimore, MD Ottobar (w/ B.R.A.T)
02/25 Brockton, MA @ Badlands VFW (w/ fleshwater)

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anonymous 12/8/2022 8:55:42 AM


anonymous 12/8/2022 9:09:04 AM


anonymous 12/8/2022 9:24:52 AM

move the billiards tables back when you're done guys

anonymous 12/8/2022 9:51:02 AM


anonymous 12/8/2022 10:28:26 AM

Fiddlehead, ya know?

anonymous 12/8/2022 10:45:17 AM

Hard to believe they're putting this in a Brockton VFW instead of one of the thirty rooms at the Middle East

anonymous 12/8/2022 11:03:06 AM

Douchebags and gays

anonymous 12/8/2022 11:22:55 AM

Kris Mission here- I'll be at the Brockton show. World moves fast.

anonymous 12/8/2022 11:37:52 AM

Crowd will be 100% wall to wall Depop peakcocks taking covert pics of each other fits

anonymous 12/8/2022 11:42:35 AM

Saw these guys recently in Boston, they were pretty good, fun show

PoultryInMotion 12/8/2022 11:43:10 AM

Three of the cringiest band names lol

anonymous 12/8/2022 12:07:15 PM

Drug Church is unlistenable radio poop rock. Awful band names. what a horrible day.

anonymous 12/8/2022 12:25:22 PM

Kris Mission here- I'll be at the Brockton show. World moves fast. I forgot that dude existed

rick_tocchet 12/8/2022 12:29:08 PM

Drug Church. Oh cool man. I guess you are a white shaman now because you did a groupon ayahuasca retreat in Chile back in 2019. Nice tie die shirt and 1980's snapback hat you king douchebag. Oh you like hardcore music too the leopard in the jungle told you to make god awful shit music???? Go f*ck yourself.

anonymous 12/8/2022 1:50:48 PM

Britney Greiner here. I was stoked to be free until I read this post. Take me back to the gulag.

anonymous 12/8/2022 3:51:48 PM

Where is kris mission?

anonymous 12/8/2022 4:26:44 PM

Congratulations on finally headlining at a show ……….. At a VFW in Brockton

anonymous 12/8/2022 7:04:27 PM

I like drug church (though the latest record is very meh) and fiddlehead is ok, but truly, this lineup is a hard fail of band names.

anonymous 12/8/2022 10:23:50 PM


anonymous 12/9/2022 8:51:12 AM

Drug Church puts on a fun live show. Haters gonna hate.

anonymous 12/9/2022 9:49:17 AM

meh more of a Pharmacy Mosque person

anonymous 12/9/2022 10:22:45 AM

We do care. Kill yourself if you posted here.

anonymous 12/10/2022 9:48:19 AM

The Brockton VFW show is $30 f*cking bucks

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