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Cynic to perform 'Focus' in full at festival appearances

The band will celebrate the 30th anniversary of 'Focus', it's debut album


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Official press release:

Progressive music icon Cynic is pleased to announce two very special live performances set for 2023, for which the band will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Focus by performing the seminal album in its entirety! In addition, Cynic will also be paying homage to late members Sean Reinert and Sean Malone as these are the band's first live performances since the members' passings. More anniversary and memorial tribute shows will be announced in the near future!

The band will first appear on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise, which sets sail from Miami, FL on January 30 through February 3. Later in the year, CYNIC will then perform at the illustrious ProgPower USA festival on September 6 in Atlanta, GA!

The new live lineup will feature Paul Masvidal on vocals and guitars, Max Phelps (Exist, Death to All) on additional guitars and vocals, Brandon Giffin (The Faceless, The Zenith Passage) on bass, and Matt Lynch (Nova Collective, Intronaut) on drums & percussion!

Lynch has been drumming with Cynic since 2015 & appeared on the band's latest full-length, 'Ascension Codes,' as well as the 2018 single "Humanoid." Additionally, Phelps, having also appeared on 'Ascension Codes,' and Giffin have previously toured with Cynic during the band's 'Carbon Based Anatomy' and 'Kindly Bent to Free Us' tours.


Cynic guitarist/songwriter Paul Masvidal comments

Eight years since Cynic's last live performance, like a blink of an eye. In this chapter we explore perseverance, overcoming hardship, and the healing power of music.

01/30 Miami, FL @ 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise
09/06 Atlanta, GA @ ProgPower Fest


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anonymous 4 days ago

Thank god trump is back on Twitter. This isn't cynic anymore and it would be "icons" not icon since cynic is a band and not a person. Jesus Christ.

anonymous 4 days ago

See you gays on the 70,000 Tons of Cock cruise. I'll be there in the pink leotard with a giant hole in the ass for easy entry.

anonymous 4 days ago

I think I speak for everyone when I say…… Who?

NorthFromHere 4 days ago

anonymous 18 minutes ago I think I speak for everyone when I say…… Who? Cynic released a solid prog/fusion type death metal album back in 1993 and Paul Masvidal has been coasting on that good will ever since, especially since Malone and Reinert died. Of course he's playing Focus in full because the albums released since have been boring as hell.

anonymous 4 days ago

Todd Chrisley is going to prison.

anonymous 4 days ago

Love me some cynic and Masvidal. Don't forget he played on Death's Human, unreal kehhd.

anonymous 4 days ago

"Todd Chrisley is going to prison" ^You're gay for knowing that.

anonymous 4 days ago

^ no, I'm gay because as a man I like penis and sex with other men.

anonymous 4 days ago

^nailed it

anonymous 4 days ago

Burbling fart bass and soft orchestra hits are stoke

anonymous 4 days ago

Zak Adams is a little bitch

anonymous 4 days ago

That is a lot of exclamation points for generic statements in a press release that very few people will care about.

anonymous 4 days ago

Michael Keene is bummed he wasn't invited.

BigDog 4 days ago

Cynic without the Sean's is just Paul Masvidal jacking himself off onstage while on a heroic dose of mushrooms. I think I'll pass on this one.

anonymous 4 days ago

Should've stopped after Focus. but whatever man, ride on that as long as you can

anonymous 4 days ago

Cash grab

anonymous 4 days ago

Guys who get semihard reading Men's Health are stoked.

anonymous 2 days ago

Paul Masvidal here, my intentions are loud and clear. I am doing this for the legacy of my bandmates and nothing more. Cough cough

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