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Few premiere 'Bastard' via Lambgoat


There's hardcore and then there's hardcore. Few hail from Kentucky and while the state is known for horses and bourbon, that unbridled spirit is being channeled into their pummeling new track, "Bastard."  With their motto, "Blue Grass, Beat Ass" in full effect,  there's no shortage of hardcore hallmarks on this track but Few flawlessly blend vintage 90's mathcore sensibilities with modern flair into an absolute scorcher that's rife with riffs, panic chords, and tempo shifts.


The band says:

"In a nutshell we are just a 4 piece hardcore band from Grayson, Kentucky. We all grew up in poverty stricken Appalachia where most of our lyrics come from things like dealing with addiction, poverty, growing up in the Bible Belt where music like this isnt accepted, and spending our formative years dealing with the loss of friends and family from the opioid epidemic, etc.

We are not a band to really push any sort of agenda. Instead we're just a couple dudes making pissed off music and writing about our personal experiences and struggles."


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