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Polyphia's latest album lands at #33 on Billboard Top 200

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Polyphia is seeing some early success with their latest album charting at #33 on the Billboard Top 200. Remember You Will Die, released through Rise Records, sold over 9,800 copies including 5,300 CDs, 3,300 digital albums, and 1,100 cassettes. It should be noted that 8,200 vinyl albums were not included due to shipping in 2023. Information gathered from social media and Ryan Downey's Stream N' Destroy.

#1 Alternative Albums
#1 Hard Music Albums
#2 Independent Albums
#2 Rock Albums
#2 Current Digital Albums
#5 Current Albums
#5 Internet Albums
#33 Billboard Top 200

Demon Hunter's eleventh album Exile also saw success showing up on a few Billboard charts as well, selling over 6,400 total album sales. Exile had a more successful release than the band's previous three releases; Songs Of Death and Resurrection (2021), Peace (2019), and War (2019). Of note, this was the band's first release under their own label, Weapons MFG

#1 Christian Albums
#3 Hard Music Albums
#3 Independent Albums
#4 Rock Albums
#9 Albums Sales

Other first week sales:
Fit For A King 4700
Dead Cross 3000
Darkthrone 1400
Worm 1300
Show Me The Body 1100
Fire From The Gods 550
Deadbody 350
Sodom (Best Of) 300
Hoaxed 250
Gloom In The Corner 200
Therion 200
Defleshed 150
Obsidious 150
Depised Icon 150
Psychonaut 150

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