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Soilent Green finishes new album

Thu, December 7, 2000 4:08 PM PT2,394 views

Soilent Green has just completed recording and mixing their next full-length album. The work was done at Balance Studios with Dave Foreman (Eyehategod). Some of the songs titles include: "Later Days", "Daydreaming The Color Of Blood", "An Addict's Lover", "She Cheated On You Twice", "Last One In The Noose", "Hand Me Downs", "A Grown Man", "Afterthought Of Genius", "Clockwork Of An Innocence". No title has been announced yet, but the record should see a release in May or June of 2001. The band plans on touring in the U.S. immediately upon release of the new album and will travel to Europe shortly after that.

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