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Gojira release full version of new single


Gojira have released a new single, "Our Time Is Now", that stands as a call to action and to bring awareness to the women in the Iranian uprising. As we originally announced earlier this week the single is part of EA Sports' NHL 23 soundtrack.

The single "Our Time Is Now" marks Gojira's first new music since the release of the Fortitude in 2021, which included the Grammy-nominated single "Amazonia" in the "Best Metal Performance" category. "Our Time Is Now" evolved from a song recorded during album sessions into a deeply affecting and vital song for the band and stands as a call to action.


Gojira's Joe Duplantier shared the following:

This song goes out to all the fighters out there sparking a light in a dark world. Show that you are part of a change! If you care about something meaningful to you and your community. If you are standing for a cause, if you show compassion and solidarity for the ones whose rights are taken away, if you're in a war defending your inherent rights or fighting against deforestation, if you're standing for animal rights, human rights, you are the lightning bolt, the spark that will shape our world. Your time is now! Our time is now!

Rest In Peace young Masha Amini. She was killed in Teheran for not wearing her hijab 'properly' by the 'morality police' and Rest In Peace all victims of brutalities during the protests that followed her death. We support the women of Iran in their fight, for taking a stand against oppression!



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anonymous 167 days ago


anonymous 167 days ago

It all went downhill when they started hanging out with James Hetfield

anonymous 167 days ago

Eh.. they're evolving I guess

anonymous 167 days ago

Hawh hawh hawh ya Fronch f*cking frogs

anonymous 167 days ago

That 2nd guy from the right looks like he's growing a massive set of tits

anonymous 167 days ago


anonymous 167 days ago

This song is about latching on to whatever is in the news to try sell some t shirts.

anonymous 166 days ago

didn't listen, don't have enough time, can I get the 10 second version?

anonymous 162 days ago

am i the only human who doesnt give A shit about a cause? or a movement? were just star dust anyway f*ck it. Get those numbers boys lol

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