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Eaten By Sharks shares drum playthrough for "Apex Predator"

"Apex Predator" is off Eradication, which is out now

Eaten By Sharks

Lisa Thompson

Official press release: 

Hailing from the Niagara region of Canada, Eaten By Sharks has a new album Eradication that will throw listeners into a typhoon of riffs, breakdowns, gritty vocals, and heart-pounding drums. Those drums in particular are on display in their latest video, a drum playthrough of the track "Apex Predator".


If the Jaws riff is not enough of a hint, this song switches the point of view from the victim of the merciless ocean, to that of the victor itself. The viewer can watch and feel their heart rate increase with the thundering drums and crashing cymbals when they assume the role of the terror of the sea. 

Vocalist Matt Sherriff shares his inspiration for the lyrics on the album:

I love horror movies and I aim for the nautical themes to keep them consistent with the ideals of the band. The amazing nature of sharks is that they can adapt to any surroundings and do their thing and create a natural equilibrium. We need the horror, nature ain't always nice and we like to celebrate wickedness.


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