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The Overcoming Project (Fear Factory/Threat Signal) debuts exclusive single "Victory"

the overcoming project promo

Dr. Mike Trubetskov

Official press release:

"'Overcoming' depicts a thorny path through the Doctorate degree, burnout, and insane 60-hour working weeks for years to build a Metal studio. 'Overcoming' is a recipe of becoming a better person through brutal self-growth." - Dr. Mike Trubetskov

The Overcoming Project is a Psychedelic Metal project featuring world-class metal musicians Mike Heller (Fear Factory, Malignancy) on drums, Jon Howard (Threat Signal, Imonolith) on vocals, and Sergei "Efes" Fomin (FS Projekt) on bass. 

Executed by Doctor Mike Trubetskov - Guitarist and Producer at EOL Studios.


Overcoming EP depicts a psychedelic journey through immigration, Doctorate degree, Type I Diabetes and insane burnout into discovering the true purpose and becoming a Metal Producer. 

"Determination,"  "Overcoming," and "Victory" are more than just heavy songs with killer musicianship. These grow into eternal, psychedelic objects that keep evolving into new dimensions after each listen. 

After releasing the "Anxiety" single in 2020 through Heavy Magazine, The Overcoming Project returns with a bang.

Watch the Lambgoat exclusive video below: