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Autopsy reveal new music video for "Knife Slice Axe Chop"

autopsy promo

Nancy Reifert

Official press release: 

With Autopsy's highly anticipated new album Morbidity Triumphant due for release imminently, the band have premiered the disturbing, blood-soaked video for the track "Knife Slice Axe Chop."


Drummer/Vocalist Chris Reifert laughingly says:

"Ever headbanged and barfed at the same time? Check out the video for our new song "Knife Slice, Axe Chop" and see how it feels.  Our buddy Cam and his crew of lunatics at Rabidog Films  and The Butchers Shop have given us the blood 'n guts fest that we've always wanted and we can't wait for you, our beloved Autopsy freaks to shove this nightmare into your eyes and ears. Tell yer pals!"



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anonymous 4 days ago

The chick on the right is hot.

anonymous 4 days ago

^^^I'd smash.

anonymous 4 days ago

If I rsvp to the lambgoat pre show after show can I get early access to buy a lambooot tee before they sell out?

anonymous 4 days ago

This band is so f*cking sick, f*ck all you posers forever!

anonymous 4 days ago

Always knew Autopsy were down with the clown! Whoop whoop mcl

anonymous 4 days ago

Sounds like a bunch of 12 year olds in their first band recording on a boombox but sure whatever

anonymous 3 days ago

Still better than Death.

anonymous 3 days ago

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