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Catalyst, tech death quartet from France, share video


Mathieu Ferrera

As French tech death metal quartet Catalyst prepare for the October 14 release of their second album, A Different Painting For A New World, through Non Serviam Records, the band releases a video for their newest single "Worms And Locusts."

The band comments on the track:

"Be prepared to hear the fastest and most savage song of CATALYST's repertoire with the track 'Worms And Locusts!' Made to describe the second part out of three from the album's story, 'Worms And Locusts' is here to show off the brutality overwhelming humanity's fate.

In this chapter, the purification begins. It is the description of the onset of the purifying apocalypse settled by the nine lords. Unfold chaos and carnage, embedded in the purest shape of brutality.

Once again directed by Vincent Tournaud, 'Worms And Locusts' was shot at Le Gueulard Plus in France while the lights were entrusted to Thibault Groche. Most of the video was shot at 50% of the speed in order to multiply it during the editing. Thus, it creates an odd effect where musicians seem to be disarticulated while playing the hardest they can. We really wanted to work on speed and on the rhythm during the editing part of this video. The chosen colors (orange/blue) aimed to match the artwork of the album, designed by Vincent Fouquet from Above Chaos.

Kind of a simple music video, but we are really proud to show you our work on this song!"

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