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Bloodbath belt out lyric video for 'No God Before Me'


Ester Segarra

Death metal beasts Bloodbath have just released their sixth full-length album, Survival Of The Sickest, which is out now via Napalm Records

In our review, Lambgoat writer David Rodriguez calls it "the best current-era Bloodbath album by a fair margin." Read the full review and listen to the album on all streaming platforms.

We know you want to practice your death metal growls too though, so take a gander at the latest lyric video from Bloodbath below.


Official press release:

On this relentless offering, "Old Nick" Holmes and his bandmates crucify with a blasphemic explosion, ensnaring with a sinister churning riff while coalescing elements of death and doom metal. Boasting one of the album's most hair-raising solos, "No God Before Me" is a prime example of the band's triumphant evolution.


Bassist Jonas Renkse on "No God Before Me":

"'No God Before Me' is a slow, churning hymn of death, a description of a godless afterlife as well as a massive nod to the masters of sickness themselves: Morbid Angel."

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