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The Callous Daoboys announce Southeast U.S. tour for October

Short but sweet

The Callous Daoboys

Grant Butler

The Callous Daoboys announced a short Southeast U.S. tour via social media this afternoon. The mini-trek takes place in late October and will end with the band's appearance at The Fest in Gainesville, FL. The 7-piece is currently supporting their sophomore record Celebrity Therapist, which dropped earlier in the month. You can read our review here.

10/21 West Palm, FL @ Respectables
10/22 Orlando, FL @ The Haven
10/23 Jacksonville, FL @ Archetype
10/24 Greensboro, NC @ Blind Tiger
10/27 Savannah, GA Lodge Of Sorrows
10/30 Gainesville, FL @ The Fest

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anonymous 9/16/2022 1:38:50 PM

What the f*ck is this poser bullshit? Turd burglar who posts this nonsense thinks this drives hits.

anonymous 9/16/2022 1:57:16 PM

Get this shit out of my face

anonymous 9/16/2022 2:00:48 PM

They/thems that look like they work at

VodkaVeins 9/16/2022 2:02:01 PM

7 people to achieve this shitty sound, eh?

anonymous 9/16/2022 2:10:49 PM


anonymous 9/16/2022 2:22:10 PM

Just bend me over now for the love of God.

anonymous 9/16/2022 2:50:35 PM

The gayest gayboys

anonymous 9/16/2022 3:12:23 PM

when I see bands like this succeeding i realize that as a musician and music fan my life is built on nothing at all and i will be promptly commiting sewer side

anonymous 9/16/2022 3:13:43 PM

sewer side hahahahah

anonymous 9/16/2022 3:17:58 PM

Please stop working with the PR firm that represents this band.

anonymous 9/16/2022 3:28:56 PM


NorthFromHere 9/16/2022 3:49:01 PM

It's just diet Dillinger with really annoying video/lyric/image gimmicks.

anonymous 9/16/2022 4:09:00 PM

Durdurdur groomer durdurdur they/them durdurdur things that are different upset my fragile psyche durdurdur I have a simplified world view durdurdur it makes me feel safe and less insecure durdurdur pronouns durdurdur I should be able to tell people how they should be durdurdur I am smart durdurdur DeSantis 2024 durdurdur

anonymous 9/16/2022 4:12:37 PM

^ But what are your preffered pronouns and are you quadruple vaxxed? Very important.

anonymous 9/16/2022 4:27:42 PM

do people actually like this band? they're awful

anonymous 9/16/2022 4:33:38 PM

Durdur septuple vaxxing durdurdur big pharma bro durdudur as edgy as xpac durdurdur DX durdurdur contrarianism durdurdur I'm so sarcastic durdurdur that's why I'm funy durdurdur

anonymous 9/16/2022 4:39:15 PM

drummer is sus

rick_tocchet 9/16/2022 4:49:05 PM

This is the worst thing to happen to Florida since all the assholes from Commiefornia started moving here because their state is a huge pile of shit mixed in with heroin needles.

anonymous 9/16/2022 4:50:15 PM

Is your girlfriend in this band or something? Stop posting them

anonymous 9/16/2022 4:52:21 PM

Doaboys eh?

anonymous 9/16/2022 5:05:25 PM

I'm vegan, is the huge pile of shit mixed with heroin needles made with non dairy shit?

anonymous 9/16/2022 6:13:11 PM

Durdur I intentionally use outdated slurs as a personality trait durdurdur I m win lambgoat durdudr with my ability to make cringe dur durdur I am number one asshole every where I go durdurdur I think life is south park video game durdur I use iv of mountain dew durdurdur

anonymous 9/16/2022 6:25:32 PM

I just got monkeypox reading this dribble....

xburnfacex 9/16/2022 6:27:21 PM

No one cares about your love for theythemcore, Lurk. Stop posting this shit you f*cking loser.

anonymous 9/16/2022 6:56:51 PM

I checked out this band once and learned they were truly terrible. Now I just come straight to the comments whenever something about this band gets posted. I'll read the comments. I will never read the garbage writing from the hacks on this site.

anonymous 9/16/2022 7:18:39 PM

checked out their videos. unlistenable noise attempting to repackage something from 15 plus years ago and failing astoundingly

anonymous 9/16/2022 7:59:53 PM

I'm from ATL and have never heard of this band until they got signed which leads to the question how the f-ck did they even get signed?

anonymous 9/16/2022 9:39:13 PM

Poser rich kid shit.

anonymous 9/16/2022 9:51:51 PM

Webby misspelled their name twice, including the headline. rick_tocchet, please kill yourself

anonymous 9/16/2022 10:24:23 PM

"Shawn the Butcher" and Jose from Sirius have this bands balls and labias down their throats and gargling. Even the "metal" station plays and jocks garbage

anonymous 9/16/2022 10:49:31 PM

They callus Gayboys

anonymous 9/17/2022 7:39:18 AM


anonymous 9/17/2022 10:12:39 AM

I love how much this band triggers conservatives. Its like they can't handle anything that's different from their mayonnaise is too spicy ass life.

anonymous 9/17/2022 11:48:54 AM

Lol, you probably tell everyone not to believe everything the news tells them, while at the same time falling hook, line, and sinker for every fox news talking point

NorthFromHere 9/17/2022 2:29:35 PM

Lefty defense force trying to attack the criticisms as all political when this band is still just a poor man's Dillinger with gimmicks.

anonymous 9/17/2022 3:50:13 PM

The Fatass Doughboys

anonymous 9/17/2022 4:11:15 PM

Post less bitchboys eat a raw animal or 2

anonymous 9/17/2022 4:39:26 PM

Poor man's dillinger? This couldn't be more sonic or structurally different than any dillinger song you could name.

anonymous 9/17/2022 5:19:07 PM

This band is dollar store DEP.

anonymous 9/18/2022 4:57:38 AM

Dillinger shouldn't even be mentioned as a comparison. Even when mocking it's just inflating their ego. They aren't even in the same solar system as the worst DEP albums.

anonymous 9/18/2022 4:40:26 PM

the dillinger replication plan continues unfortunately

anonymous 9/18/2022 11:47:54 PM

Liberals must die.

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