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Féleth release second single from their new album 'Divine Blight'


Dánil Røkke

Official press release:

Norwegian band Féleth release 2nd single from their new album 'Divine Blight'. Their new album will be released November 11th on Rob Mules Records.


Today's new song is named "Avarice", and it's the track that closes the album. It was preceded by the debut of the album opener, "Majesty", and thematically the two are connected. As the band explain, "'Majesty' describes the rise of a diabolical king-like entity who corrupts, oppresses and kills everyone. The 'king'-persona is basically humankind fucking itself up".

When the album reaches its end after many musical twists and turns, "Avarice" returns to that king-like figure from "Majesty", "declaring war on everything and itself". As the band explain, "The hook is written in the first person from the view of the general greed and hate that lies in the hearts of men. But grimmer."


The band said this about the construction of "Avarice":

"The one song we actually wrote by just jamming, which one can easily hear in certain parts where the instruments are chaotic, yet totally in line with each other. A somewhat basic song structure, but with highly aggressive riffs and big atmospheric leads. At the end, we transposed the chorus down half a step turning the song into borderline black metal out of nowhere. Started off as a joke, but it worked. The huge twin solo at the end was orchestrated by Alexander".


Give it a listen below.

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