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Another Mike Patton project

Wed, December 6, 2000 9:53 AM PT764 views

Mike Patton is always doing something. And no matter what he's doing, it's usually strange and original. One of his recent projects, Moonraker, appears to be no exception. Moonraker actually performed once last year with Agata from Melt Banana on guitar. The band now apparently consists of Mike Patton, DJ Eddie Def, and current GN'R guitarist Buckethead. We're not sure what these guys play, but it will definitely be wierd. This lineup may or may not be a temporary deal, but those of you in Los Angeles will have the opportunity to see Moonraker live at the Knitting Factory in LA on December 18th. We've got somebody who will be at the show, so we'll tell you all about it soon.