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Crown The Empire replaced by We Came As Romans on 'Trinity Of Terror Tour'

Allegations and rumors have been swirling for months

Crown The Empire

Crown The Empire has been replaced by We Came As Romans as openers on an upcoming leg of the "Trinity Of Terror Tour" in which Ice Nine Kills, Black Veil Brides, and Motionless In White are co-headlining.

Crown The Empire has not stated the reason for dropping from the tour, however, in the last few months, we have seen speculation and abuse allegations from an alleged ex of Brian Hoover, guitarist and vocalist of Crown The Empire.

We Came As Romans will replace Crown The Empire on the following dates:

8/30 Denver, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre
9/3 Omaha, NE @ Liberty First Credit Union Arena
9/4 Pryor, OK @ Rocklahoma
9/6 Fort Wayne, IN @ Allen County War Memorial Expo Center
9/7 Cleveland, OH @ Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica
9/9 Scranton, PA @ Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain
9/10 Alton, VA @ Blue Ridge Rock Fest
9/11 Asheville, NC @ Arena
9/13 Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom
9/14 Sterling Heights, MI @ Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre
9/16 Bonner Springs, MO @ Azura Amphitheater
9/17 Saint Charles, MO @ The Family Arena
9/18 Cincinnati, OH @ ICON at The Andrew J Brady Music Center

Directly after these dates, Crown The Empire are slated to join Slipknot and Ice Nine Kills on nine dates this fall. As of yet, we have no word if they will continue with this tour or not. Those dates are:

9/20 Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena
9/21 Springfield, MO @ Great Southern Bank Arena
9/24 Alpharetta, GA @ Ameris Bank Amphitheatre
9/27 Austin, TX @ Germania Insurance Amphitheater
9/28 Dallas, TX @ Dos Equis Pavilion
10/1 Albuquerque, NM @ Isleta Amphitheater
10/2 Phoenix, AZ @ Ak-Chin Pavilion
10/4 Salt Lake City, UT @ USANA Amphitheatre
10/7 Irvine, CA @ FivePoint Amphitheater


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anonymous 8/10/2022 1:57:29 PM

oooo that's some juicy gossip about one of the most cliche-sounding VERB THE NOUN bands I've litterally never heard of outside if metal news websites.

anonymous 8/10/2022 2:09:27 PM

groom the empire

anonymous 8/10/2022 2:14:05 PM

no one cares. they aren't a relevant band. also all five bands sound practically the same 2011 is stoked. also jesus look at that thing. he actually piped that lmao

anonymous 8/10/2022 2:27:27 PM

That chick in the picture is hot

anonymous 8/10/2022 2:28:20 PM

def share an agent these two

anonymous 8/10/2022 2:28:58 PM

I was just kidding cause I thought it was one of the band members dressed up as a girl. Turns out it's not and that actually is a real she/

anonymous 8/10/2022 2:30:16 PM

Should be Terror, Negro Terror and Terror again

anonymous 8/10/2022 2:35:34 PM

Damn webby couldn't wait to throw some dude under the bus because You found a tik tok by the most visibly mentally Ill woman ever saying he was bad. Hope it's worth the clicks, loser

anonymous 8/10/2022 2:43:56 PM

Crown the Groompire

Bortslob 8/10/2022 2:47:59 PM

Replace these guys with blood for blood and I'd go

anonymous 8/10/2022 3:03:06 PM

Are you allowed to say the band name Negro Terror if you're white?

anonymous 8/10/2022 3:04:41 PM

Also, I'm very shocked Negro isn't censored. What about sagea?

anonymous 8/10/2022 3:06:56 PM

CtE is the worst live band I've ever seen. Just all on tracks and zero energy. It was a free show, but I still want my time back.

anonymous 8/10/2022 3:25:42 PM

yeah this chick is trying way to hard. lies detected. no one reported on it months ago cuz it isn't true. only this new hack site

anonymous 8/10/2022 3:35:24 PM

Not even hot. Wouldnt

anonymous 8/10/2022 3:41:07 PM

It's difficult to say this but these bangs aren't even cool enough to open for slipknot, one of the gayest bands of all time.

anonymous 8/10/2022 3:41:48 PM

ice nine kills all suck each other's magic sticks

anonymous 8/10/2022 3:57:46 PM

Look at this hoe No way she's crazy. Nope. Not a chance.

anonymous 8/10/2022 4:04:48 PM

"I'll be going into detail tomorrow" sounds very fake for sure

anonymous 8/10/2022 4:14:58 PM

I was going to show up to Slipknot late anyway to avoid this trash.

anonymous 8/10/2022 4:20:57 PM

Listening to CTE will give you CTE

anonymous 8/10/2022 5:16:32 PM

Necklaces are not stoked

anonymous 8/10/2022 5:28:47 PM

Andrew Mackey is horny for failure

anonymous 8/10/2022 5:57:53 PM

Yea but do they have their pronouns on their social media? Have they identified as ally's to the trans and non binary communities? Do they support Ukraine? Are they quadruple vaccinated? I need these questions answered before I decide if I like this or not.

anonymous 8/10/2022 6:20:30 PM

Do they worship Donald Trump? Do they molest children? Do they complain about "the woke left" like whiney little babies? Stuff I gotta know before I even listen.

anonymous 8/10/2022 6:39:00 PM

Give up already Heidi you're good for nothing

anonymous 8/10/2022 7:04:42 PM

That girl looks like a muppet

anonymous 8/10/2022 7:16:34 PM

what in the plastic is that

anonymous 8/10/2022 7:16:56 PM

Is that one of those transjengas everyones talkin bout these days?

anonymous 8/10/2022 7:28:51 PM

Probably Anne Heche right before she crashed into that house

anonymous 8/10/2022 7:39:25 PM

Leftist groomers are super stoked.

anonymous 8/10/2022 7:47:18 PM

Leftist groomers love the FBI.

anonymous 8/10/2022 8:38:14 PM

I hate that band promo. Makes me sick. Look at all the necklaces

anonymous 8/10/2022 9:35:51 PM

you mean the band who gave my girl an std last summer? oh well.

anonymous 8/11/2022 3:16:49 AM

Gay:the band

anonymous 8/11/2022 4:58:02 AM

Glad every righty comes here after getting their morning OAN booster.

anonymous 8/11/2022 6:26:19 AM

There is no way that this woman is just using this as an opportunity to scream "Look at me!" No way at all. She looks completely healthy and normal and not like someone who modifies their looks and body for attention on social media.

anonymous 8/11/2022 6:29:45 AM

Also mega lol at this nonsense: "... he gets my Instagram account deleted again. When will the nightmare end?" Dear mother of god - not your precious Instagram account! The horror! The pain! The sorrow! Oh, such is the great tragedy of life that we must endure reality and not the freedom from it which filters provide!

anonymous 8/11/2022 6:42:22 AM

As a liberal I wake up every morning to a hot soy latte, extra soy of course. My boyfriend then gives his boyfriend a reach around as I watch like a true cuck. Great way to start the gay! I mean day!

anonymous 8/11/2022 6:52:16 AM

No court date? No care. And I'm f*cking gay.

anonymous 8/11/2022 7:03:08 AM

As a conservative, I wake up to my sexless evangelical wife, kiss my guns, pray to my orange god, and go to work at dollar general. I post on Facebook to let everyone know how I owned the libs today, repainted a panel on my dream Altima, and a meme about Benghazi. I won't vote. My fourth kid is on the way.

anonymous 8/11/2022 7:08:46 AM

Necklaces are not stoked lol

anonymous 8/11/2022 7:56:59 AM

Glamboat fulfilling its mission to spead hearsay far and wide and ruin the lives of people based on unfounded allegations. I don't even know or give a shit about this guy and can see the sleeze in this site's "reporting" Get a grip you amateurs.

BigDog 8/11/2022 8:05:25 AM

Absolutely no care ever.

anonymous 8/11/2022 8:15:12 AM

Everyone check tommy lees Twitter

anonymous 8/11/2022 9:03:37 AM

this dumb blank stare ass bitch made a tik tok about her domestic abuse literally for clout lol our society is so f*cking sad and embarassing man putin just needs to press the button

anonymous 8/11/2022 9:36:34 AM


anonymous 8/11/2022 9:40:01 AM

"also jesus look at that thing. he actually piped that lmao" Holy shit this made me lol.

anonymous 8/11/2022 9:40:52 AM

Congrats webby, you've created a site with the journalistic value of isanyoneup without the nudes. Wonder if you're still lying to your family by saying you "write for a music news website".

anonymous 8/11/2022 9:46:34 AM

Eat ahit Heidi you miserable lonely butch

anonymous 8/11/2022 9:47:55 AM

Hang The Sheetrock

anonymous 8/11/2022 9:56:04 AM

Girl needs help.

anonymous 8/11/2022 11:14:52 AM

The band got dropped from the tour due to these allegations, which is what is being reported here. How is this site responsible for "spreading rumors?" That's a fact, whether the allegations are true or not.

anonymous 8/11/2022 11:50:12 AM

Get hit by a truck Heidi it's what you deserve

anonymous 8/11/2022 11:59:08 AM

anonymous 38 minutes ago The band got dropped from the tour due to these allegations, which is what is being reported here. How is this site responsible for "spreading rumors?" That's a fact, whether the allegations are true or not. ^was that made clear in any official statement or press release or something? If not, the thing to do if this site had any shred of integrity, would just be to report on the replacement and leave the hearsay and conjecture totally out of it. I just can't stand the public shaming of anyone who hasn't been convicted of anything at all. Some scene broad could make up anything she wanted and it gets spread around by sites like this and overnight the burden falls on the accused to prove their innocence when people have already made up their minds based on the editorializing. Glamboat should honestly use caution as people have been sued for shit like this before.

anonymous 8/11/2022 12:05:22 PM


anonymous 8/11/2022 10:38:22 PM

Law and order svu scene edition

anonymous 8/11/2022 11:11:39 PM

I hope you die soon Heidi.

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