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Burn It Down has broken up

Tue, December 5, 2000 8:49 AM PT2,379 views

Burn It Down has officially called it quits. Here is a statement from Ryan of the band: "Burn It Down has decided to call it a day, due to personal, artistic and professional differences. The band originally split in May of 2000, then reformed after certain conditions conducive to the band members’ personal and working relationships were agreed upon. These mutually agreed upon arrangements were quickly discarded, but the band soldiered onward- releasing their debut album "Let The Dead Bury The Dead" (which garnered critical acclaim in Kerrang! and elsewhere), touring the Northeast with Dillinger Escape Plan, playing Milwaukee Metalfest, six dates with Earth Crisis, In Flames and Skinlab, and so on. On November 9, the band began what would have been a six-week tour, meeting up with In Flames, Nevermore and Shadows Fall on the 20th. Shortly after, it was evident that personal relationships within the group had completely dissolved. Burn It Down finally came to a halt on November 30, 2000. I would like to, on behalf of the band, extend a sincere thank you to all involved with the tour (In Flames in particular), Rave Booking, Escape Artist Records, Uprising, Trustkill and everyone who has helped the band in any way in the last four years. I would also like to send out my respect and gratitude to everyone who has been a part of Burn It Down with me since January, 1997: Todd Gullion, Scoth Dadsun, John Zeps, Brian "Bob" Fouts, Harley French, David Lawson, Jason McCash, John Johnson, Dan Binaei and Terry O’Donnell, and to the band’s roadies as well: Jonathan Chalfin (RIP), Brett Bunting, Mani Mostofi, Karl "The Viking" Simon and Marc Fulkerson. Sincerely, Ryan XXX."

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